Lift Off

I love being a mother.  How many times do I start like that?  You all must sick to death of it.  But oh my, she is just about the cutest thing.  Proof.

You guys, we have just barely squeaked out alive from a terrible visit from my family.  A visit wherein her grandmother further demonstrated that she doesn’t know how to relate to a long-distance child and is often heartless (as demonstrated by their rottweiler practically killing the cat.  Twice.).  RR, she’s your grandmother, and we have to love her, but she is crazy.

But we’re down one 150 lb. rottweiler and a whole lot of crazy.  AND RR crawled from one side of her room to the door.  Friends, she CRAWLED.  I am so excited.  She cried the whole way but when I picked her up she said, as she has been saying any time one of us picks her up, mamama.  I could just die.


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  1. Woohoo!! Still just so absolutely adorable!!

  2. Oh Jesus. Ridiculous…the cuteness. It’s too much.

  3. She is just too cute!!!

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