More on Crawling

Shhh…. Wait for it. That’s right, my baby is crying and shrieking.

Isn’t it the best sound ever?

No seriously, it is. Because that particular mixture of screaming sobs means that she is crawling somewhere and, like an ambulance, we’ve all pulled over to watch her come through. While D and I are puzzle out the siren the dog and cat look like this:

I feel like most kids, once they realize they can move, tear off to explore their world. Much like most kids put things in their mouths – but that’s another story entirely. There is no worry about that with RR. The child has one incentive: us. No toy or treat captures her attention like we do and so she sits stoically until we are out of reach. Then, she crawls to us wailing and grinning the whole time. If it hurt, I’d understand, but I think it’s just the noise she makes as she goes. There are no tears (but a lot of drool – greasing her way perhaps?) and she stops every few feet to look up at us with a maniacal smile. LOOK MAMA I’M CRAWLING!


In the most baby-like baby thing she’s ever done, this morning she crawled over to the dog’s water dish and stuck her hands in and smiled at me, flicking wet fingers at my face. But within a minute she looked appalled and wiped her little fists on my pants and went back to crawling and wailing. Maybe instead of baby proofing, we’ll just need a moat.

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