Zombie Babies

Whatever you do, don’t google ‘zombie baby’.  See, I did that for you and you clicked on it and now you’re sorry.   If you didn’t click, you shouldn’t now but then…

I warned you!

The other morning, I woke up at 6:45 and heard the sounds of RR cooing from her room. Here’s something to know about RR, she is lazy. It’s not that she isn’t a morning person since she’s a magpie from the time she opens her eyes. It’s more that she likes her beauty rest more than the average nugget. Knowing that, you’ll understand that since 6:30 is a bit early for her (she’d far prefer it if you’d bring her tea and crumpets at, oh, half past eight), I had absolutely no qualms at all as I got up, put a bottle on and went back to bed. Generally, she lets me know when she’s ready to gobble down breakfast so I snuggled back in figuring I had 5 minutes or so.

At 7:30 (!), I got up and wondered at the silence. Not to say I think about RR suffocating every day, but I think about it often enough that I hustled out of bed and across the hall to her room. I pushed open her door expecting to see a the sweet sight of a softly dozing baby in repose. What I got instead was a softly dozing baby sitting up. Although she was slumped slightly at first, when I gasped in surprise at her sitting and SLEEPING, she startled, her arms rose up slightly and her eyes rolled sleepily back. You guys. My child was a zombie for at least 30 seconds last Wednesday.

As it goes, we have to go in periodically to tip her back over since she has been sleep crawling or sleep sitting and woken herself right up. She’s obviously her mother’s daughter.

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  1. I totally hit your link. lol If I have nightmares tonight, I’ll know why. 🙂
    Soooo cute about her sleeping while sitting up!!

  2. This is hilarious. I can totally picture it. She will be a sleepwalker one day.

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