La La La

Do you see that?  RR’s MAMAS.  That’s right, we’re right there.  Practically on a billboard. Both of us.  I know I shouldn’t be constantly moved to tears when someone acknowledges us as a couple and as her parents.  Maybe I should stop being so pitifully grateful and more outraged that it isn’t the default.  It doesn’t work that way.  One hint that my daughter and her family are accepted is enough to turn me into sentimental mush.  On the other hand, treating her differently does get the requisite (and perhaps a smidge more) wrath.

Who can be outraged in a room full of happy, warm, cuddly babies?  Impossible.


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  1. that’s awesome!!!

  2. I totally get it. I just had our 3rd kid, and for the first time my wife’s name was on the birth certificate. When I sae both our names on the envelope I teared up.

    it is great that you went in to sing together.

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