Moving Forward. Fast!

RR catapulted through a few milestones this weekend.  It’s almost as if she thought about it and said, “Hmm, what can I get my moms?  I know, I can start doing all those things I’ve been putting off!”  And, pow, like that, she transformed into a proper sort of baby.  Editor’s note: Yes, I know.  Poetic license.

1. She wore her sailor’s dress.  I didn’t buy this gorgeous little thing and, though I would have wanted to, my common sense would have won out.  First, it’s the most pristine white twill thing you’ve ever seen and second, it probably cost a fortune.  It came to us used and free of any stains which I think is pretty impressive for a 9 mo. sized baby item.  Speaking of 9 months, I’ve wanted her to wear this dress before she outgrew it (at 10 months, it’s a close thing for this particular brand).  I had it all lined up for Easter but jetted off to California and she ended up in a Pluto onesie instead (thanks grandma!) but then a Mother’s Day outing presented itself and presto! Adorable sailor’s dress.

2. She allowed an actual Navy man to comment on her “braids” and granted him a smile for his efforts.  And then! she let another man chuck her under the chin without crying.  I’m one of those folks that okay with strangers invading our space as long as they are friendly and polite about it.  Editor’s note: Yes, I know.  I particularly let older folks touch her.  How often do they get to touch babies?  Life turns over far too quickly from “all my friends are getting married and having babies…to all my friends are dying”.

3. She cried when we left her at school.  That’s right, my sensitive soul suddenly stopped crying at her caregivers and has turned to crying at us instead!  Progress!

4. She kicked the crawling up into high gear and (mostly) ditched the Quasimodo crawl that involved using one leg to propel herself while letting the other knee drag behind.  Friday, she was still reluctantly crawling short distances when she really wanted 1) us and 2) the water bowl.  Sunday, she was a rocket, slapping her hands down and launching through the hallways.  She heads for the backdoor and any of the water dishes (Editor’s note: Yes, I know).  She determines what could be turned into an improvised drum-set and throws down.  Dog dish, tambourine, guitar, high chair tray, my arms, tables, the floor.  She pulls up and lets go to flap her arms in joy.  She suddenly loves everything about movement.

5. She ate from our plates.  We’ve been struggling to get out of purees, mostly because she. won’t. put. anything. in. her. mouth.  Not fingers, not electrical cords, not food.  Editor’s note: yes, I know.  On so many levels, I know.  It’s sort of hard to put something in there that doesn’t arrive on a spoon.  A parenting fail turned into a revelation at the restaurant when we realized she was long past due to eat and weeded out a couple of pieces of pasta (new), zucchini and carrots and mashed them up with a fork AND FED THEM TO HER.  This was nothing near a puree and it was totally recognizable as carrots, zucchini and pasta.  And then we fed her a bite of breadstick and you’d think she’d gone to heaven.  Then we gave her water from a straw, because you know, she shuns sippy cups in favor of full on glasses of water and don’t you try to hide your glass, she will find it with her beady little dousing eyes and then she will beg until she can have it.  Since I’m not going to let her spill at a restaurant, she got fed from a straw until we could distract her long enough to hide the glass.


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