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It seems like our girl is doing all of her developing on Fridays.  All through the week we hover on the status quo and then we bring her home on Friday and BAM! she beaks out two or three new tricks.  It could be that the daycare is hiding her mad development from us so we feel like we aren’t missing anything but I think it’s more that she practices and learns all week and then tries it out (to much applause) on the weekends.  Hell baby doll, I always feel better after I’m done working for the week, too.

This week we leapt from conservative pulling up to full-out standing.  It was amazing to see her initial attempts at letting go and balancing evolve from shaky spilt-seconds to full minutes of steady standing.  She isn’t a fan of stepping so much, preferring to lead with her body and forgetting that she needs to lift up her feet.  If you’re imagining a lot of face plants, you’d be right.  We bought her a toy to walk with, which mainly means we have to hang on to it to keep it from running away with her.

She recently has eschewed waving in favor of clapping. All that applause she’s netting for standing must be rubbing off.

I found her chasing a cat this morning, plowing down the hallway at full speed, quasimodo leg nowhere in sight, barreling toward the open basement door.  As I sped up to overtake her and shut the door, she went FASTER and did some sot of side maneuver in an effort to send me flying while she threw herself down the stairs.  She was a diaper clad blur.  Fortunately for me, she has no stealth about her.  She slaps her hands down so hard, you can hear her into next week.  Catastrophe averted.

We’ve also made huge strides in food.  She had some Thai food with us this weekend – steamed veggies and a bit of num tok, also a bit of pasta, Israeli cous cous and chicken.  I was disappointed when we didn’t have a Sunday meal we could share with her.  Although she still won’t put food into her own mouth, she is happy to have us feed it to her.  She has made gestures toward feeding herself, but once she gets her hand to her mouth she misses the point and forgets to let go.  In what I expect are years of self-doubt, I worry that the fact that I don’t want to give her food to drop on the floor is inhibiting her ability to figure out how to get it into her mouth.  I can’t get past the waste, the mess, the weight the dog will put on from eating her scraps (but not enough to clean up the mess) and mealtimes turning into a circus where I can’t keep track of what how much she has eaten and how much she has dropped into her lap.

I can tell you’re thinking I’m a terrible mother.  Well, while we’re on a roll, she also stuffed the business end of the phone charger in her mouth.  She’s putting things in her mouth!  Well, A thing.  And not, for the record, anything that was currently conducting electricity.  Awesome.

But let’s put all that aside for a moment – moms of walkers: how much time elapsed between standing and taking steps for your tyke?  

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  1. I wouldn’t stress so much about the food. Though clean-up is a PITA, it’s true. *g*

    For us… I’m trying to think. N started pulling up in August, but didn’t start free standing until maybe October? But she was walking in November. So maybe a month? I think less, though, from free standing.

  2. I’ve got mixed feelings on Noah ever figuring out how to put food in his own mouth. I’m in no way ready for that kind of mess! And I kinda intend to avoid messy for as along as I can. But, it would be great to sit him down with some chow and let him feed himself when I don’t have to sit there the whole time!

    His fine motor skills aren’t so great yet, though. I finally thought to give him something bigger than a cheerio to try 🙂 I bought some of those toddler “chicken sticks” but he didn’t like it, so he wouldn’t eat it. Then decided to try something easy like a nilla wafer. He ate least got the taking a bite part, but not so much feeding himself.

    I love how one day they can’t do something and then it seems like the next day they can!

    • we’ve had some success with graham crackers – through she seems to forget she was holding it a few minutes after you give it to her.

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