I don’t know if these are words or not, but the intention is pretty clear. Mamamama will bring a mama to the crib, or the babyjail…er, playpen, and is usually delivered in a quavering brink-of-tears voice that seems particularly programmed to get one of us to rescue her.  Stat.  If we repeat mama back at her, she drops all the extra mas and reinvests in Mama please come get me this other mama abandoned me! Please!   Well to be honest, she just says mama even though she means the rest.

Baby is another situation all together.  It is reserved for the most dire of situations: thunking her head against the floor.  It’s a sickening sound, isn’t it? Baby skull on anything other than carpet (and even that) turns my stomach every time. She’s pretty resilient though.  Immediately post-thunk her face rumples in on itself and she freezes in that breathless, crumpled state and then lets go with a howl and directly follows it with BAAAAAAAABY.  As she cries, she adds in mama until we’ve got a steady stream of MAMA BABY going on.  It reverts to mama once we pick her up and then vanishes completely until next thunk.

Maybe she’s using those words in a logical way.  Maybe she isn’t.  Either way, her intention is pretty clear.  Mama, pick up your baby right this instant.  So we’re calling it words.  For the record, one week shy of 11 months and we’ve got mama and baby.  And thunk.

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  1. oh. my. word. that is THE CUTEST thing I have ever read, ever. I can just picture her crying with her face all scrunched up, wailing mamababymamababy… too freakin cute (after you’re sure she’s okay and not hurt, of course).

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