Down With Baby Food

Last weekend our child ate chicken, watermelon and a corn/black bean/cous cous salad.  That salad had vinegar and lime juice, onions and cilantro.  When I tried to feed her blended vegetables and baby oatmeal she pursed her lips and spat any tiny bits that escaped with precision aim at my head.  Since then we’ve encountered a range of emotions from her around food.  On one end, a gentle resistance to anything that isn’t chicken.  On the other, a passionate refusal of anything that isn’t chicken.

That said, this week she was convinced to eat zucchini (cooked with garlic and chicken broth) and last night she somehow choked down a bowl of oatmeal.  In a daring chicken departure, we served her black beans and tofu on Tuesday.  Though I was needlessly nervous about it, she apparently also enjoyed the chili powder and cumin it was doused with because she ate it happily on Wednesday.

I’m thrilled that she’s eating our food.  I’m less thrilled that she’s eating eggs (mine) for breakfast and that if we have cereal, I suddenly have to think of something NOT CHICKEN RELATED for her.  Believe me, if it isn’t chicken, it had better be damn good.  Her reluctance to eat purees is keeping us honest though.  I find we’re less likely to eat things we don’t want to feed her.  I cooked two dinners last night – chicken (obviously) for her and pizza for us.  I’m not keen on doing that again, so she’s going to have to start learning to love pizza.  I kid.  Mostly.

She hasn’t mastered the art of feeding herself.  And by that I mean makes no attempt to rather than tries really hard and gosh darnit she almost has it.  If she moves her hand near her mouth she either forgets to release the transported morsel or she brings it closer and closer…to her ear.  I’m not sure what she thinks will happen if she stuffs it in her ear but I don’t need to worry yet.  She gets close and gives up completely forgetting she was attempting to do something THAT WOULD MAKE ME VERY HAPPY.

Eleven months and she’s a miracle.  A miracle of chicken.

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  1. Fun with babies and food.

    Noah would love to live on fruit – namely oranges and grapes and mangoes. Thankfully, he eats bananas with yogurt, cottage cheese, carrots and sweet potato, and oatmeal – as long as it has apple sauce mixed in. Lately he’s refusing more new things than he’s liking.

    He doesn’t like chicken yet, or eggs. We’ll see which comes first. ha ha

    As for feeding himself – not even close. Which in a way is good now that he’s all over the floors all the time and they’re not as clean as they could be 🙂

    • I so hope the food refusal thing stays away from our house just a tiny bit longer. And that’s definitely the bright side of not feeding herself – all the marbles and tacks we leave all over the floor are safe (kidding, of course)

  2. Muffin gave up purees around six months old, when her teeth started coming in. She also gave up wanting to be fed and vigorously does it herself, usually to the tune of getting very little in her mouth. I don’t mind her attempts with finger food but I wish she’d do better with spoonfuls of yogurt. They get flung onto the wall behind her more often than in her mouth. We’re lucky that she’ll eat everything we give her. I’m actually afraid I’m not giving her enough variety.

    • I’m already nervous about her not getting enough! I might have a heart attack when it’s less cause she’s feeding herself!

      • I just keep reminding myself that her stomach is still tiny compared to mine, so the few bites that she does get in are probably enough to fill her. Plus she’s still on formula and she’s growing at a healthy rate. She seems to know what she’s doing.

  3. Maybe you should change your blog’s name to “counting all kinds of delicious food that you can feed yourself!” and see what happens… 😉

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