Oh Boy

Oh boy.  That’s what we’re saying all the time at our house.  That and WHOA!  I love it.

This was one of the things I most looked forward to when I considered being a parent.  I thought – oh, she’ll say adorable little things like “may you have this, mama?“* and “let’s put on our baby suits!“** and “put your wagon on the ground!“***  To me, language development is the bee’s knees and I’ve just been waiting for all those doi doi dois to turn into something consistently recognizable.

While we are still mainly in the KITTY phase (everything with fur, a tail or a face is a kitty), we have had glimpses of dog.  Mama has briefly gone by the wayside, as has baby, but I’m pretty sure those are cataloged as “accomplished” and not in the “to do” category anymore.  Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting for the next word. Will it be water?  Or maybe she’ll come up with a meaning for bipba, her all time favorite syllables after doi.

I’m also fascinated at her ability to mimic.  If you give her some tones – like do…re…mi (only ba…ba…ba), she’ll copy your bas as close to the tones as she can get it.  She’ll say just about anything we say immediately after we say it, provided she has the mouth muscle to say it – not, of course, that she registers the meaning of what she’s saying AT ALL.   If I say “apple”, she says a-pa.  If I say “get the door”, she says geh the do.  And now, when I say “oh boy”, she says ohhhhhhh boy.

And she LOVES to say oh boy.  She says it all the time on her own, but especially likes to say it when we say it or when something new or sudden happens.  She says it like you might if you were just told that the friend you’d invited over was bringing 10 friends with her and they were all clowns.  Oh boy!  Less excitement and more uh-oh.  Not angry but a little bemused.  I mean, what do you feed ten clowns?

I don’t know where she got this oh boy from but she says it at every opportunity.  This morning, I chased her into the kitchen so that I could dress her (can you believe it?! She DASHED away from me!  My daughter. Dashed!  Giggling!) and when I scooped her up she laughed and said ohhhhhh boy.  The accompanying face is funny itself.  As she has only tiny teeth buds on her upper gums, she sucks her mouth way in when she says ohhhh and looks like an emaciated, toothless, Voldemort making a fish face.

This is worth every last strawberry tossed on the floor.  Ohhhh boy.

*Thanks Henry Thomas’ mom.  Your child is just about the cutest language learner I’ve ever heard.  May you do this?  May you do that?  So. Cute.
**My niece Cara’s confusion of baby suits and bathing suits, cracks me up every time I put on my own swimsuit.
Oh little Cadence, my sister flat deserves you.  Now I’ll never stop telling her PUT YOUR WAGON ON THE GROUND every time she gets riled up about something.


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  1. Hahaha I enjoyed this post tremendously. I think the fun part about the language acquisition phase is that it’s like the energizer bunny… it keeps going and going and going, with new words and phrases around every bend! Our six year old still says “bathing soups” and “pus pan” (dust pan), along with “What does this does?”. I never expected the cute kid talk to last as long as it has, but now that it has I’m glad and I hope it doesn’t end!

  2. That is freaking adorable. My kid is just a few months older than yours and he’s currently walking around saying “Poop. Pooooooop. Poop! Poop?” Kids are awesome. And funny. 🙂

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