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Baby Monkey

First, go read this post at Schroedinger’s Womb.

We are totally feeling it.  The last week has brought the following:

Raving, shrieking toddling through the house.
Sudden dramatic crashes into doorframes, legs, the floor.
Hollering, wailing crying through the house.
One split lip (thanks top tooth)
Four forehead bruises (thanks floor)
One ear infection (see ya, balance)
Passionate refusal of food indicated by sweeping her arms and hands over her tray.
The advent of signing “all done”.  Emphatically.
Chattering: baby, mama, kitty, dog, thank you, yeah, whoa, and OH BOY.  Maybe, also Owby, depending on her mood.

Suddenly, my toddler charges me from wherever she is and springs like a monkey on to my legs.  Although she has been knocked flat with an ear infection since Friday, today her speedy, spider monkey self has returned.  Around corners like lightening, under the table before you can blink, down the hall and into the dog dish, alakazam.  I can barely move for a second before she’s on me like…like…this.


6 Responses

  1. Our kid has been exactly the same. P. S. Nice video.

  2. Oh, my, we are in this stage too. I think the 5 years between R and J completely rendered me unprepared and back to being a toddler novice. Toddlers are no-joke. Very cute but quite dangerous and loud, in my opinion.

  3. Man, I can’t get that baby monkey song out of my head…help!!!!

  4. I was NOT expecting that video but it made my night. Thanks for the laugh!

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