When I was in San Francisco, I swayed merrily through a 4.5 earthquake at seven stories.  Once I rehung the pictures, we went out for drinks and I forgot it happened.

I was reminded today as I kept my lunch down – barely – during a 5.9 epicenter 30 miles from my house.  There were no pictures to rehang at work (maybe at home?) but instead of having a drink, I’m trying to reach RR at daycare with no cell phone reception.

I’m pretty sure you can guess which is worse.  I’ve since learned two things: first, she’s fine.  Second, I’m a totally different person.  Totally.  I like it.


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  1. I’m glad you guys are okay and that RR is okay! I’ve had days like that- not earthquake days, but storm days where a severe storm blows through or a funnel cloud is reported and I’m calling T1’s school from work to make sure everything is A-okay. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that until you can actually get ahold of someone and verify your kid is okay, it’s crazymaking!

    PS- I’m told we also had a 5.5 here? Didn’t feel it, but I guess it’s pretty unusual for this region (California-born me just shrugs).

  2. We are in NY and felt it…. and we never, ever feel earthquakes! Scary.

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