Turning 200 (party favors at the end!)

Despite writing online for years, I’ve never celebrated a milestone.  There have been a few – first time I had more than 100 readers on a single post.  First time I discovered that someone who shouldn’t be reading was.  First time I wrote something and deleted it – twice.  First post.  Last post.  But this post is 200 and I thought you should have a little fanfare.  I was going to go with Rocky there but those handpans are something else.

I have to admit, I have a little 200-posts trepidation.  Will I be good enough?  Can I give the moment justice? Why can’t I play the handpans?  After much handwringing, I decided to bring to you the quintessential baby blog post: names.

You and I, we haven’t really talked about naming.  D and I talked a lot about boy names (Possibles: Steven, Andrew, Frederick.  Not possibles (and frankly, not fair, Jedediah.) but in order to stem the flow of “Oh that’s my wicked stepmother’s name!” we picked a fake name and used it instead. See D’s logic on that here.  We went with Vegas. That’s right, as in Las.  But we knew from the start that our baby was a girl (well, our guts knew) and we knew she was coming out Ruby Reed.

Recently, an excellent and funny not-kid blogger had an awesome post about baby names and I immediately thought of you.  Which of us did not go through the “I’m not telling you!” gauntlet complete with sighing, accusatory statements like “you know already, don’t you?”, irritated huffing at feeling left out and, of course, the seventeen suggestions for Michael, if it’s a boy, because I’ve always loved that name?  Now the rest of you, I suspect you braved your own obstacle course of “oh that was my beloved aunt’s/dog’s/brother’s name!”, the brainstorming of awkward nicknames for said name, the testing out of the initials for said name, the side-of-the-family-you-didn’t-pick stiffness and of course, the ever popular “you’re not naming her that!”.  It goes without saying that other folks get a little too…invested.

Well, I see we got a little off track.  Back to the awesome post and the awesome trail I took from that post.  First off, I obviously am a Anglophile hipster because Ruby is on both the Hipster Name List and the British Girl Name list.  Everyone is in on the game. The Social Security Administration has a name site that tracks popularity and tells me that Ruby has been climbing since the decade began, huffing and puffing from 259 up to 113.  And who hasn’t been to Name Voyager – the ultra sparkly baby name grapher?  It assures me that Ruby peaked in 1910 and, after a tumble and fall, is now dusting herself off again.  Jedediah, not so much.  Although he did reach 941 in the 80s!  Kabalarian Philosophy indicates that Ruby’s name means she won’t finish what she starts and you know, after reading the first three pages of Llama, Llama Mad at Mama over and over again today, I’m inclined to agree.  The fact that my own name, Meridith, indicates that “interest wanes quickly when drudgery and monotony set in” ensured that Llama Llama would be on hiatus until at least 5pm.

This clever article “Where Have All the Lisas Gone?” (mentioned in that post) more accurately sums up the baby name gauntlet than I ever could.  And, in case you’re looking for a little nervous laughter, you can try your hand at Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing (thanks, HiS), Funny Names or Demon Names but be forewarned, I didn’t check to see if your baby’s name would show up in the snark.

So, since you should bring me cake for 200 posts (that’s the accepted custom, right?) and I should give you a party favor, here are my three favorite posts, a picture and by the way, thank you:

A Different Birth Story (on how it went down)
On finding you don’t know anything about babies: Just Like a Baby
Tearing up over a litte ‘s’ La La La


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  1. Congrats on the 200! What a fantastic picture!!

  2. That is one beautiful baby, Thanks for the link!

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