I’ll Take Chocolate

Are any of the rest of you tired? Stats: RR is 16 months. It’s fall. RR eats tons of veggies, we eat almost none. Weather – hot then cold then wet then damp. Repeat. I’m less crazy than usual, maybe. Our washer keeps flooding the laundry room.

I’m pretty sure you can’t put that into WebMD, though surely if you did it would tell you you had diabetes. No really, try it some time with just about any ailment.

If I was going to be my own not-really-a-medical-problem-at-all-and-certainly-not-diabetes doctor, I would say that it’s a combination of having the seasons change, the daylight hours get fewer and that frankly, being the parents of a 16th month old is pretty exhausting.

We’re actually pretty on top of it. Taking care of a tiny creature who can’t articulate why she wants what she wants…er, is hollering for…and whose only coping methods for getting attention are a) tugging at my pants at knee level or b) crying is tiring. But, she gets fed, gets bathed (miracle, that) and is happy. We smile, play with her, feed her, feed ourselves and watch TV. That is absolutely all we can do. D adds in laundry a few times a week (see: washer flooding) and I go to a medicinal herbs class. We can’t stretch any further. Even with that dandelion, passionflower, peppermint tea.

Things that get left undone are (mostly) not a detriment. We only vacuum once a week. Sometimes I don’t sweep the floor. The dog plays in the backyard instead of going for a walk. The bedroom accumulates clutter. The fridge gets emptier. We had a take-the-child-away babysitter last weekend and we cleaned the laundry room. That’s right. We are some sexy mothers.

If I was going to self-diagnose, I’d call for a healthy helping of greens. Walking the dog, or at least trying to get some form of exercise that isn’t playing “I’m Gonna Get You Now You Get Me” with the baby and the “No Sleep For You I’m Getting Teeth” endurance challenge. Recognizing that this is just a short chapter in life while sipping some chamomile tea.

Nothing lasts forever, especially not this half exhausting, half delightful stage (She walks backward! She plays at the park! She says uh-oh! She laughs like a lunatic if you spin her around! She walks to the car and holds your hand! She dances when the music comes on! She high-fives! She leans her forehead against yours for a kiss!) And seriously, how many times in your life can you justify a month of collapsing on the couch every night while eating ice cream?


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  1. You only vacuum once a week? Our house gets vacuumed at most once a week, more often every other week. (And that’s because my wife is a vacuuming fiend), I would probably vacuum once every few months if it was up to me (which thank goodness it’s not, because we have dog, who sheds). I’m just saying, you are doing pretty well, I think. Give yourself a pat on the back!

  2. This sounds a LOT like our lives (especially the ice cream on the couch …every night part) except for the fact that I have never in my life vacuumed or swept more than once a week! And it’s rare to get it done even that often. My hat is off to you.

    • I’d like to point out to everyone that if it were not for our very black dog and our very beige rug, I’d never vacuum. Seriously. Not ever.

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