Grannie and Pop Pop

RR just spent two weeks with Grannie and Pop Pop.  Like that?  I’m totally trying to make those work.  Why not?  After all, her other grandmother is Grammiez.  That’s right, not only is she gangsta, she’s got the corner market on grandma copyrights.  As a Grandma X and Grandma Y sort, I’m totally in support of a change for the colloquial.

RR had a marvelous time. As a contrast to her first Year of Solitude (feat. Down with Strangers), her second Year of Maybe You’re Not So Bad (platinum) has been much more well-recieved by my parents. Although it took 13 days for her to cave to Pop Pop, an enthusiastic rendition of Pat the Bunny finally nudged her over from cautious to clamoring for attention. Grannie had it better, winning her over at just 4 days in (also with a book).

She and her grandparents had a terrific time together. I also got to get a new look at how she has developed in the last several months. Seeing her day to day, I sometimes forget to marvel at her new skills. They come so fast and furious lately, each gets eclipsed by the last. Seeing her interact with my parents cast a spotlight not only on how different 17 months is from 12 but also how different it is from last week.

She’s using short sentences. I absolutely cannot believe this. Each time she does it, I think Honestly, I’m imagining that and then she does it again and I think No, she can’t just have commented on Jon Stewart. I kid. But you know what I mean. Tiny sentences. At the park on the stairs, “I got this.” On the couch checking out Grannie, “Who’s this?” With a book in hand, “Read this. Up.” “I’ll do it.” “You get it.” “What’s that?”

She’s climbing. Couches. Stairs. Me. She appears fearless, though I wonder if it isn’t really that she has no idea what’s about to happen as she launches her nose into the floor for the umpteenth time. She races down the hall. She knows where all the radios are and what needs to happen for them to spill her music. And she dances. She twirls and rocks and bobs. She wants spicy food. Food with pepper. Food with flavor. But also (still) pears.

She can reach the top of the dresser. Her tiny fingers grope along the edge, grasping for the lotion or my earrings or an iphone. She knows what devices will display Elmo and she seeks them out. She still makes her own music. Banging the toilet lid with blocks. Banging the stove. The floor. The table. Her head. She shuts doors (but can’t open them). She celebrates when you sing and will repeat back notes (and she’s starting to get the pitch). She laughs. She plays chase. She races in the front yard. She gets up when she falls without tears (sometimes). She goes down stairs face first (or tries to). She leans back when she swings, laughing.

She’s a constant celebration, my girl. And while I enjoyed my parents’ visit, I really appreciated the chance to peep at RR through their lens. We’ve had a tough year from last November to this, but in so many ways it has been the best year yet.


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  1. I saw Pop Pop’s picture on FB and I thought to myself “Hey, that’s Santa Claus!”

  2. What an awesomly beautiful way of listing her new skills, I’m definitely sure without a doubt she is going to be a singer or a skiier or a climber or a linguist .. clearly.

    • Well, obviously ALL of those things. Or she would be if she ever got a good nights sleep (according to my mother – a good nights sleep is the source of all success).

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