Blasted Ears

Ears: 11
RR: 0
Us: -7,000

Guys, we are so tired.  We’ve been hanging out with RR’s latest ear infection for a couple of weeks and we’re exhausted.  I’m afraid this is what it’s going to be like when she starts bringing home that annoying best friend with the super shrill voice or the grimy boyfriend with a constantly runny nose and a tendency to say “dude.”  Instead of laying in bed at night trying to whisper under the covers so the air will not move through the hall and drift over her tender forehead awakening her and reminding her that, yes, her ears STILL HURT, we’ll lay in bed whispering about how this is just a phase, right?


Meanwhile, we’re going to hand her over to a doctor who will poke holes in her eardrums.  Best parents ever.  I’m sure some people would say oh you ARE good parents, think of how happy she’ll be! and others would say don’t let doctor push you into this! but not you guys.  You guys are going to lay under the covers with me whispering about how awesome it will be when we can make the grimy boyfriend wash dishes and make the shrill best friend dog-sit while we go to disneyland.  You guys don’t care about ears, not like that, and THAT is why I love you.

You guys: 1,000,000




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  1. ugh poor RR! and yay for making future grimy boyfriend and annoying bff do chores 🙂

  2. It helped Lucas immensely. He had ear infections for six months straight…. He had his tubes in February 2011 and has had one since!

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