Links I Found for Us Both

You guys, I’m taking a break from my next installment of The One Where I’m That Person so that you can still love me a little when you see it on Wednesday.

Here are some links that I found for us.  I was thinking of you, instantly, because really – who deserves french toast in a mug more than you? First though:

The 3 Rs of Toddler Discipline Oh, I know. You died just a little reading that title because you are here for my near constant grasping for reality and something so awesomely academic as that has burned your eyes.  Skip, obviously, if you don’t have (or are going to have) a small person needing encouragement to live right.  On the other hand, this also might work in particularly difficult break-ups, with obstinate ferrets and your headphone-clad teenager.  That said, repetition, reaction and reassurance really resonated with me (see what I did there?) and, though I haven’t clicked on everything, there seem to be a number of valuable links.

99 Ways to Say Great Job and 96 Phrases You Can Use During Sex.  This is linked from the previous page, but I thought it deserved its own spotlight.  I mean, we’ve all been caught up in that terrible good job argument time and again – I mean really, can we just have sex without a value judgement for once?

Jason Good has given us 365 days of laughter and now he’s abandoned us.  No matter if you missed days 1-364, you can check out the archives and discover the Saturation Experiment, days 241, 248, and 283 yourself.

And now, because I think you are the rose-gold sun of a sumer morning, here is French Toast in a Cup.




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  1. thank you. i needed a good chuckle this evening.

  2. Thank you for the shout out! Am off to check out Jason Good as well – laughter is needed in my day!

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