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The One Where I’m That Person, Part 3: the Expectations Edition

The is the last of my Christmas frustration.  I promise, I’ll go back to butterflies after this.  For awhile anyway.  Also, this is short, because there isn’t much to say.

I’m deeply worried that by having so many toys in the house that she will grow up expecting a large christmas every year and that we will buy her anything she wants.  I know that she’s a year and a half old.  But as she gets older, there’s all this stuff around.  And grandma brings her even more every year.  Hate me for saying it, but how does she learn the value of the first robin of spring when she’s distracted by her (no doubt blinking and princess-dress-clad) doll?  Oh that’s right.  They call it parenting*.  Who knew this would be so much work?!

*No sarcasm intended.  Just me mocking my own complaining.  Carry on!


4 Responses

  1. Completely understand your concerns. We have no family within 1000 miles so everyone seemingly feels compelled to send gifts and more gifts. This year was completely overwhelming with three kids. That being said, despite all the stuff our seven year old has, he continues to be continuously in awe of nature. I imagine and hope the same will hold true for RR (and my twins)!

    • Jill – I’m so glad to hear that. I suppose learning to operate WITH a lot of things is as valuable a skill as learning to watch a butterfly.

  2. My Mum used to rotate our toys when we were little, so we “didn’t get too spoilt”. I think it was really to keep the house tidy. She used to put some away in the loft or under the stairs, and we were quite happy to play with whatever was left out, because kids tend to amuse themselves with the littlest things. She left enough out, it’s not like we just had one broken spinning top and and old shoe to play with, we just didn’t have ALL the toys all at once.

    A little thought, in case it appeals…x

    • My mother rotated our toys by putting them in giant trash bags when we wouldn’t pick up and hiding them for the rest of the year. I like your’s better!

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