Olivia the Library Book

Maybe you saw “library book” in the title and remembered I live with a small banshee and thought oh no.  I don’t blame you.  But in fact, RR is the most careful reader I’ve ever met.

Compared to RR, I cavalierly rip through books devil-may-care.  I’m a librarian.  She carefully turns each page, never missing one, giving it a good scan before moving to the next.  The books are never upside down, the pages aren’t crumpled.  Once she saw another child rip a page and she very nearly died.  Even if you give her a magazine, she is careful with the flimsy pages.  It’s like she’s a page-turning savant.

We’ve recently borrowed Olivia from the library and sometimes we catch her reading quietly in the living room (instead of running around with her radio like a rock star on crack).  Other favorite books with grown-up pages include the entire Llama Llama series (this one in particular) and some crazy thing about the noises a bunny makes.  That said, she still reads board books just as meticulously including the masterpiece seen here “Please Baby Please” .  I love this book.

Right.  There’s a video below but if there was a click-through agreement box here it would tell you that absolutely nothing happens in the first 50 seconds (of 55) in this clip except baby babbling.  There’s a brilliant smile at the end that pretty much just captures our kid in two seconds flat.  Read on RR, read on.


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  1. absolutely adorable. she definitely smiles with her whole body doesn’t she!

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