Sometimes I tell myself “an object in motion stays in motion.”  I say this often enough that I think it has become a mantra.  Or maybe I’m just branded by Newton (mmm figs)  I think this to myself constantly, usually when I’m doing something I wish I wasn’t.  Which is usually moving.  I swear to you, if left to my own devices, I would read.  And then read some more.  And then eat.  A lot.  I would move only to migrate from indoors to out and back again.  And to the food.

Then I think, “An object at rest, stays at rest”.  This never goes anywhere good.

I’ve been at the gym this week and last, walking the dog more, making a point to run after RR in the park instead of walking quickly (which, let’s face it, is necessary to avoid catastrophe).  I’m not exhausted like I thought I would be, but I’m more aware than ever of the time crunch I live in.  I’ve felt the limits of it before, of course, but the gym is testing them and it’s unpleasant in ways.

We carpool to daycare and then work together.  We eat together when we get home and then RR is in bed shortly thereafter.  Take my word for it that there is no wiggle room there.  D can get to the gym over lunch, which is awesome but, unfortunately, practically impossible for me.  Also, she can be at work later and leave earlier than I can.  This makes me wonder how I got the short end of the stick but also when I can carve out time for myself.

So I go to the gym after work; escaping a little early by shaving off time from lunch or arriving earlier.  This means I miss baby pick-up.  I walk the dog when we get home so that both he and I are happier.  Often, this means we don’t eat dinner with her.  Since this is pretty non-negotiable for me, I can’t wait until we can push her mealtime-bedtime back just a little more.  I find I’m constantly struggling to spend time with her and spend the time I need to at work while also being able to walk the dog and get some exercise that doesn’t involve getting more cake.

God, I love cake.

I don’t have a solution to this except to tell myself (usually right before “An object in motion stays in motion”) that “I’m demonstrating good habits” or something motivational and forgiving like that.  Cheesiness aside, this mostly works.  Except when she refuses sitting with me, or cuddling or anything in favor of D, which seems to be happening a lot more than it was before I was taking this time.

I suppose I’ll tell myself, “You can’t win for losing” right before I go back to, “An object in motion…”  But I’m not sure if it’s worth it.


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  1. I understand this struggle very much! There’s not enough time in a day, it seems. No easy answers but I’m reading along and nodding in agreement (and sympathy!).

  2. How funny. I’ve always thought of myself in terms of inertia – I’m definitely a body at rest type!! Yes to reading and eating (mmmm cake!!) and movies!

    There are so many things that don’t get done around here – mostly having to do with cleaning! And the poor dog isn’t getting very many walks this winter.

    For me it’s not just time management, it’s also energy management. Mostly I don’t have enough to keep up with Noah and anything else.

  3. I don’t have answers, but I’m right there with you. Both in terms of not having any time for exercise (which I could desperate use more of), or having the time and energy for anything else. (Hence the terrible lack of blogging of late.) And especially now that I’m working again (M-F 8-5 hours, which is a change for me), I feel like any time I try to take for myself is at the expense of time spent with Critter, which is scarce enough already. I don’t have good answers; I wish I did.

    Also, with you on the cake. PB just made brownies, and I think I still have brownie crumbs on my shirt. *sigh*

    Can you walk the dog after RR is in bed? I dunno, just a thought. I’m trying to get more done after Critter is asleep, although it’s challenging, and I’m frequently too tired to do much by then anyway.

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