It’s not always about RR. 

Today it’s about my wife who, while I conquered the drudgery of the morning,  went into the bedroom in pajamas and came out a different person.  An utterly and completely hot person.  We just bought some new clothes for her and, while we talked about the options for them, I had no idea she’d put them together in just that way.  Just so you know, she’s something else.

It’s okay to be jealous.



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  1. pic, or it didn’t happen 😉

  2. I agree with the above. 🙂
    Yay for hot wives!!!

  3. I know, seriously. I’m glad someone else demanded pictures before me. Cause I’m like, really? No picture??? ;}

  4. ^^^agreed.

    • I’m going to have to make her dress up again! She totally slipped out of her clothes before I could snag her. Don’t worry, I’m going to lie in wait for a shot.

  5. That’s really cool, because, like, I totally LOVE hot people!

    Well Jel! 😉

    Have a great weekend, both! x

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