Happy Valentine’s Day.

Full disclosure.  I think Valentine’s Day is sweet.  I’m not overly preoccupied with origins of the holiday because I totally love chocolate.  Chocolate is always going to win.  Sure, you could woo me with flowers, éclairs and a sweet, inscribed card (the éclairs are a critical part here – don’t bother with the flowers if you’ve skipped the bakery).  You could turn my head but as I’m super in love with my wife (in that way that makes you roll your eyes) you probably can’t woo me.  Even with éclairs.  Probably not with éclairs.  Maybe not.  I mean, I really love éclairs.  And my wife.  But, mmmm.

This post is not about éclairs!  Though I can see how it’s a little misleading.

The best thing that happens to me on Valentine’s Day is the themed CD my wife gives me.  You guys, I start getting excited about this some time in June.  Then I forget about it for awhile and then, as the air gets a chill, I can feel my excitement building as I start to narrow down my list of songs to give to her.  In 2010, we shared our tradition with RR (then Vegas) and last year the theme was alphabetical (A-M).  This year, our CDs will have song titles from N-Z.  If you’re expecting me to complain about X, I won’t.  I did have a seriously hard time with O.  Go figure.

That CD is a challenge.  I seek music she hasn’t heard before and, hopefully, music she’ll like.  There are always a few misses and some years are better than others.  The greatest reward is hearing her say that a) she hasn’t heard a particular song and/or b) that she likes something I picked out.  In the weeks prior to the big exchange, I leave my CD for her on repeat – fine-tuning my offerings, checking on the flow, looking for tracks that don’t lock tightly together.  In the weeks after Valentine’s Day, I leave my gift on repeat – checking out new lyrics, picking out the whys of a particular selection, listening over and over again to the ones I like.  Sometimes, I think it drives her crazy that I get stuck on track 4 for days.

I love her to pieces.  And, because I like you all a whole lot, here’s my N-Z mix from this year.  You can find my playlist here.  Say what you will about myspace, it’s perfect for music.

Not Over You – Gavin DeGraw
Oh My God – Pink
Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People
The Question – Familiar 48
Runaway – The Corrs
Sweet and Low – Augustana
Take it From Me – The Weepies
Umbrella – Marie Digby
Voyager II – Virginia Coalition
Women Like to Slow Dance – Steve Martin
X-Ray – Carbon Leaf
Your Guardian Angel – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Zip City – Drive-By Truckers


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  1. I love your playlist! And, I love Carbon Leaf. Have you heard “life less ordinary” by them? LOVE it.

  2. adorable.

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