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King of the Mountain

Our child has a remarkable sense of belonging and rightness.  She doesn’t open cupboards and drawers.  If they are open, she securely shuts them.  She can’t abide an upside-down page in a book or magazine.  If I say I’m going potty she runs to make sure I’ve shut the door – usually with her soundly at my side.  By the way, it’s not like I say this to my wife.  You’re supposed to talk about it to train them right?  Occasionally I catch her picking itsy bitsy pieces of dust off of the bottom of her feet.  She knows where things belong (dust on floor, not on feet) and will happily restore them to their ideal state.

RR is also bold and beautiful soul, but she doesn’t challenge limits or break through boundaries if there is another path that is equally rewarding and easier.  At music class when all the kids jump up and run to root through a pile of instruments, RR also gets up and runs over.  Only to stand with her hands behind her back, sidling around and waiting for an opening in the pack of children.  She never pushes or fusses at them.  She does look over to us for our approval and encouragement but still she waits to enter the fray until there is no more…fray.  At home, she will tell you that she desperately wants to sit on the couch but she would rather not use anything that would help her get herself up.  You aren’t willing to lift her?  Well, then she’ll read books over there instead.

These things combined mean that we don’t have to worry overmuch about RR getting into “trouble.”  Sure, she launches herself from great heights at the playground but a) kids belong on playgrounds and b) isn’t that 6 foot drop the easiest way to dismount?   I did catch her once trying to stick her finger in the outlet, but clearly her finger was too big to fit in without working harder than she’s comfortable with AND fingers belong in ears, mouths and bellybuttons.  Preferably yours.  Duh.

But! This morning she hauled herself up to standing on top of a dining room chair.  Clearly, feet don’t belong on chairs AND it was a lot of work to get up there but far be it from me to stop her.  She’s so damn cute stamping her feet and laughing with joy that I didn’t have the heart to hurry her down.  Days like this completely make up up for all the other days!

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