Names With Potential

I pretty much love this post about baby names.

D and I had a deep sense of this when we tried to name our own child.  You will, of course, remember that while we called her Vegas from conception, we recognized that letting her go forth into this world with such a name meant that she’d probably find herself spinning around a pole somewhere.  We did consider letting it keep if we had a boy, but let’s face it, none of us thought we were ever actually having a boy, right?

I found we were most judgemental about names for boys.  On a man, her last name was risky.  What you see is what you get and there’s no room for simplicity (which is basically my whole thing).  That one sounds like a lawyer.  That one like a used car salesman.  My last name is deceptively pronounced, ethnic and, if you’re an asshole in first grade, tease-worthy.  You need to have a strong personality for that.  I couldn’t risk it.  When it came to girls names, it mattered less how simple or complicated although my first choice, Veronica, was inexplicably overruled.  Sadly, she joined Jeb in the ranks of denied names.  Come on!  Veronica.  There are songs about it!  It’s clearly a Name With Potential.  Which is all that article is talking about anyway.  How does our social make-up translate a couple of words into an entire identity?

But I’ll bet you got all the pictures in that post right.

Being that we are Those Parents with a clear dream for our child, we looked for names that could translate to a musician without too much fuss.  Obviously, the addition of my last name was not going to work for the stage.  Seriously.  So she needed first names that were crisp and easy on the lips.  Working within our self-imposed boundaries of family names, we landed on Ruby Reed as having the most potential.  At least we know her nomenclature is more on the side of musician and less on the side of lawyer.  Clearly, we have no hope of being supported in our old age.  On the other hand, I think we did a pretty good job.


Ps – naming a child Ginger and getting a redhead might not be too far off the mark.  RR is more red than blond in most lights, resulting in the rest of the world calling her Ruby Red.

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