Easy as 123

You guys, RR is smart. I know. It’s totally lame to sit here and be all, “RR is smart!” I know. Fortunately, it’s not a zero sum game. RR can be smart and so can all the other babies! Can you tell this is something I’ve had to tell myself a lot in life?

Me, in despair: RR will never crawl! All the other babies crawl!
The Internet, exasperated: Listen lady, not crawling means absolutely nothing. Just cause that kid can crawl doesn’t mean yours should be crawling.
Me, resigned: Right, right. I know you’re right.
The Internet, exasperated still: Seriously, you aren’t very bright are you?

Obviously, I’ve had a lot of practice with this.

Back to RR. She counts. 1-10. No faltering. Can pick up anywhere in the mix. Start at 6? Okay, mama. For awhile, she occasionally counted only even numbers like a teensy tiny cheerleader. She counts fingers. She calls out any number she sees – speed limit signs, bus stop routes, barcodes. Barcodes, you guys. She spells. M-O-O-N. She takes a look at your shirt and will inform the entire grocery store that you are an A-A-Z-O-I-N alum. Since she takes her favorite letters first and can’t say R, you just have to guess she’s working on Arizona. Refrigerator magnets and letter blocks. It’s not without misstep – I’ve never heard F and E is questionable. R, still, unpronounceable (poor RR). She’s got them down well enough to be a trickster.

RR, handling me the O magnet: OH!!
Me: That’s right! An O.
RR, same magnet looking at me from under her eyebrows sneakily: saaarrrroh (this is zero)
Me, shaking my head: No baby, that’s an O.
RR, cackling with glee: saaaaaarrROH mama. OHHHsaarrrroh.
Me: sigh.
RR, pulling the I from behind her back: ONE!
Me, catching on reluctantly: No baby, that’s an I
RR: falling on the floor with hysterical laughter.

This game is endlessly funny. Lowercase Ls call for even more riotous fooling.

But you guys. Lower case Ls. I don’t even know what to do with a kid who gets lowercase. I’m constantly amazed by my baby and all babies. How do they do these things? How did we teach her to brush her teeth? How can she kick a ball? Is that my child blowing a dandelion? Wait, did she just blow her nose properly when I said “blow”?  It’s so miraculous that I hope it never ends. I hope she comes home from high school and says, “Mom, I can’t believe I only got a B on this math test.” and I’ll be like, “Holy cow, you can ADD!” I walk around jaw agape half the time thinking, “My wife grew that. It came from a CELL. It has fingernails and eyeballs and it just looked at that book, smiled, and said M-O-O-N.” She is three months shy of her second birthday.  I am awed.

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  1. How wrong is it, on a scale of one to oooooooooo-no-you-didn’t!? that I just copied and pasted this blog to my girlfriend – who I have been seeing for four months? Problem is, I know she will respond to it with as much gush as i did.


  2. seriously…fingernails?! how does that even HAPPEN?! Also, I hope she gushes twice as much 😉

  3. That’s seriously advanced! I have three kids, one of whom is a genius (seriously- not *just* Mama pride) and he was doing stuff like that at age 1 as well.
    You never stop marveling. He’s six now, and I still stop and watch when I see him reading, even though he has been reading for half his life. Enjoy your sweetie!

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