And I can’t believe, no really, CAN’T BELIEVE, that I missed my appointment with my psychiatrist today.  Yes, I obviously need one.  You don’t need to tell me.

I was working so hard, no really, SO HARD, on the book chapter due this week that I wrote completely through my appointment.  I have missed an unprecedented three appointments with this person over two years, once each time a relative has died.

My frustration and sadness over missing the appointment was disproportionate to the actual event meaning I probably really could have benefitted from being there.  I don’t know what’s worse, feeling incompetent, worrying she might dump me, wasting the money for the appointment or not getting the chance to talk.  Mostly, I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I can’t get it together for once.

Cripes.  Thank you for your offers of support.  It makes all the difference.


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  1. Oh, I HATE that feeling of having missed something that I fully intended to do. I feel so out of control.
    Try to be gentle with yourself–it makes a lot of sense that something would get missed given how many things you are juggling right now.

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