You Deserve It

Here’s your reward for hanging in there this week.  The baby and, as a bonus, the cat.  Who, once you see his sheer size, will leave you wondering how he is able to fit through a cat door.

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  1. That is one cute baby and one really fluffy cat!

  2. Is that a real cat? Is that your cat!? Jeepers.

    Yes – what a lovely wee baby she is 🙂

  3. Adorable – and I’m glad to see the smiles! (And the fluffy cat.)

  4. WOW! Slightly scared for the baby. 🙂
    Great picture!!!

  5. The cat is BIGGER than the baby! holy wowcow, what do you feed that thing? lol.

    Baby’s adorable though. =)

  6. Awww! Lovely pictures! And yes, I do wonder about the physics of the cat getting through the cat door, but it has always seemed to me that cats are somehow capable of defying the laws of physics.

  7. Ya sure that’s a cat??

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