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At bath time, my child left a layer of silt on the bottom of the tub.  

There’s really no following that, is there?

But!  I seek your advice!  You’ll recall that RR is both dirty and has a “history” with the bathtub.  I had a good chuckle when I reread that post, thinking to myself, you fool.  Because even though she didn’t like to get into the tub, we still had it made.  That’s right.  Those were the good times.

She now sits in the tub without acting as though it’s an acid bath and even happily washes her hands, feet and other pertinent parts when asked.  But her face?  Get her face wet and it’s the scream of a thousand lost souls.  It’s the rancor of enraged banshees.  It’s wolverines down. your. pants.

She has to have her face washed.  I’ve tried covering her eyes with a dry washcloth and she acts like I’m about to waterboard her which, in turn, practically ends up happening due to her violent reaction to having her face covered in the bath.  We’ve got some handy, flexy pink plastic pitcher which contours around her head just as it’s supposed to in order to keep the bulk of the water out of her eyes.  But she has hair.  I have to wash it.  Water runs down into her eyes.  Wolverines.

I’m pretty sure that getting her to like water in her face is a moot point.  So, since she’s not old enough to understand leaning forward, I thought I’d tip her back so that water in her hair doesn’t touch her face (which I would then wipe delicately with a gossamer tissue soaked with the tears of angels).  Any tips on how to do this without her flailing in panic?  She and the bath have just gotten on speaking terms really, and she’s deeply mistrustful of wet in general.  Your tips on the last bathing post worked so well (December = Panic!/April = Happy!) that I hope you can come through with thoughts about washing hair/face without dramatics.  The baby’s dramatics, not yours (though if you have dramatic commentary, by all means, go ahead)!


6 Responses

  1. Not a clue. N screams like it’s the end of the world if she gets water in her face. Bath or shower. And we made the mistake of telling her that if she got the moms’ shampoo in her eyes, it would hurt, so when she gets HER shampoo in her eyes, or even just water, no shampoo (which is how we know she’s full of it), she starts crying that her eyes hurt.

    So, we’ve resorted to baby wipes, and the occasional damp wash cloth for the face. Her hair, I count us lucky if I can get it once a week.

    On the plus side, at the pool on Wednesday, she actually got her face wet several times – some of them even intentional. Maybe this will help on the bath front? I’m not holding my breath.

    • Maybe it’s back to swimming lessons for us! She seems to be acting like she does in any new situation. Maybe time will cure her.

  2. When Ryan was RRs age, we would tell him “time to rinse!” and he would gently lean his head back into the water tobe rinsed. HA! Those days are long gone.
    Now, I soap up a washcloth, use it to wash his hair (no water drips from that), then I quickly swoop down for a quick face scrub and immediately dump water over his head to rinse. A dry towel close by to quickly dry his eyes usually stops the thrashing/screaming/imdyingpleasegetmeoutofthistorturedevice wails. It sounds more traumatic than it actually is… But the filth must be removed!

    • filth. seriously. the fast dump traumatized me so much earlier this week that I tried a slow trickle on Wednesday. Although the bath took a full 17 hours, she got clean without hysterics. I’m on to the washcloth next!

  3. I just wanted to say hi first off, so erm hi 🙂 ive been reading your blog for a while but not poped up to say howdy. Youve been a great inspiration for me and my partner as we star our journey to motherhood and for this i would like to thank both you and your wife.
    For my nice, who hates water getting near her face as well, we get her to stand up facing the wall, put her hands on the wall and tilt her head back for ‘the waterfall’ it seems to work well with her. My nephew on the other hand can be a bit more hard work, sometimes he’s fine sometimes he’s not but usually getting him to do it himself works or he washes my hair and I do his. As with the face… Well just a quick damp wash cloth does the trick and usually without too much pain. 🙂

    • Thank you for piping up! If you start (or have started) writing, I’d love to follow. The prison stance (standing, hands to the wall) seems to be an excellent idea. Once she stops being so squirrely I’m trying that.

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