I’m With The Band

Tomorrow my daughter is going to her first rock show ex-utero and I can’t wait to see my wife play again.  Though I do get private concerts at home, it isn’t the same as when she’s backed by a full band and using her powerful voice at full volume.  Also, she’s hot when she’s on stage (and always, of course) so it’s a little thrill being married to a rock star for a few hours.

Not that she’s not a rock star at home, ifyouknowwhatImean.

We’re not talking about delicate little ballads and I admit to being a little nervous that RR will be concerned about the noise.  Concerned is her favorite expression outside of hysterically crazy.  We did buy her little headphones to wear if she wants and that’s some serious cuteness right there.  It’ll also be a challenge for her socially.  There will be lots of time with D’s bandmates and wives and girlfriends and not as much time with other toddler groupies.  Out in the world, little butterfly, spread your wings!

I promise a headphone pic if I get a cute one but you’ll forgive me if I’m busy swooning over my wife.  Here.  You can swoon a little, too.  State Line by Honeychuck

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  1. That was fantastic!!! You are one lucky lady. 🙂

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