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Bully for You

This morning we woke up to a laughing, cheery toddler.  This happens just about every morning around 8:00 when she deigns to wake from her slumber.  This morning we played I got your nose, learned how to toast our glasses and laughed maniacally over oatmeal.  Then we went to school where she promptly turned into someone else.

She’s happy in the car.  Happy in the entryway.  Happy to see her teachers.  Happy to see the bunny.  Happy to see her friend and his mom.  Happy to push open the door.  And then, sad.  Sad because her classmate, the same classmate as always, pushes her.  Shoves her.  Slaps her.  Pokes her eyes.  Corners her.

He would do this every day if one of us wasn’t intervening instantly.  But, we (and their teacher) can only move at the speed of light a few times a day.  Sometimes she just sobs.  Other times, like this morning, she takes it out on that kid (once she took off her shoes and threatened him til her teacher saved her from the corner) or another kid (today she gave her good friend a shaking for trying to read her book).  I don’t like this and it isn’t okay.

I know they are two.  Two year olds have issues.  But I would like this one to stop having issues all over my child.  We encourage her to walk away.  To say no.  He is immune to this, mainly because he is about to club her.  I don’t know that there’s much to be done here.  The other parents feel similarly.  Unfortunately, you can no more reason with the kid than you can explain to your own that he’s got issues.  I finally sent an email to the director on the off chance that if I asked them to be in separate classes I’d have a trail of evidence.  And mostly, I’m just complaining to you guys because you always listen.  So thank you for that.

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  1. That’s really tough. Poor RR! I think I remember reading another moms’ blog with something similar and the “bad” kid there was eventually asked to leave the day care. Hopefully the folks in charge will find a solution!

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