Honest Toddler

Have you seen this? Honest Toddler.

I’m pretty sure RR ghost wrote this line about shopping cart covers (I personally have no opinion of them): “I’m laughing at you, friend. Not because of the polka dot print, bare feet or even your bewildered expression but because you’ll never know the joy of putting your gums right up against the shopping cart handle.”

Gums against the handle. That pretty much sums up her take on life.

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  1. I love Honest Toddler! So funny.

  2. oh, my god. I had never seen that and just read through it… laughed SO hard!!!

    “There is something I did want to discuss now that I have your attention. It’s none of my business what goes on between you and father after I go to bed but if you could just throw on a robe before coming into my room, that’d be awesome. I think you should definitely rock what you’ve got but angry nude lumbering zombie isn’t your best look. I want to be honest.”

    THANK you for introducing me to the wonder of HT. Officially a fan.

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