Power Down

Remember that time when we came in to RR’s infant daycare room and she was sitting in a corner facing the wall crying?  And the teacher (who was not the regular) said that she did that because RR screamed every time she looked at her (the  teacher).  No?  We probably didn’t tell you because that’s some kind of crazy on a few different levels.  On the whole, it was yet another symptom of RR’s aversion to strangers.  Since then, we’ve learned that as long as we’re in the room, she’s reticent but not over the top.  She has, in fact, successfully met new people.  I figure our parenting award will be delivered any day now.

We came home after her recent baby-sitting bout to find her sitting on the same patch of rug as her uncle reading quietly.  It wasn’t clear that she’d ever acknowledged his presence, though they clearly made it up the back stairs at some point.  Presumably, unless she has nailed levitation, she was able to interact with him.  There’s no telling.  He showed us a video demonstrating that she had, in fact, moved from the sandbox where we left her in order to head down the hill.  Except that the video was of her wandering up back up the hill, head down, moving at the speed of molasses and weaving slightly.  He also recounted that she spent some of the time after we left bent over in the sandbox, head between her knees, still as can be.

Perhaps my wife gave birth to a tiny robot who shuts down when away from her power source (one of us).  That would explain why she sleeps so well.  It would also explain why she was weaving slowly up the hill – residual energy was emanating from the house pulling her up.  Given that, I’m not surprised that we still see tears whenever we find her alone with a strange teacher at school.  Last week we discovered her twice sitting still as a mouse, tears running down her (ample) cheeks, on some poor teacher’s lap.

As much as this breaks my heart every time I see it, I’m gratified to see it’s getting better.  I’m feeling pretty confident that by the time we get to kindergarten our little bitty robot will have a power supply that lasts past noon.

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  1. oh gosh, what a cute little Robot. But wait a moment, er .. what’s it doing? gouging its wires out with a stick? Confused!

    Is she the same with other kids? I hope this is a phase she can grow out of 🙂

    • I hope she grows out of it too! She seems to be okay with other kids, though sometimes shy. She’s pretty independent so I imagine we won’t see til later whether she makes friends quickly. Clearly she’s not going to be one of the kids that’s more comfortable with adults!

  2. Ohhh. Poor RR. The silent tears are the saddest.

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