In which my child begins to explore fatherhood.

In the morning over breakfast we learn that our kid knows many things about her classmates.  I barely thought she knew their names so much as she enjoyed shouting them after we said them like some sort of deranged parrot.  I was certainly underestimating her.  She has been in class with several of these kids since six weeks old.  She knows Jacob is an overzealous hugger and that Lucy is a…honey badger…she just doesn’t talk about it.

Now that I think about it, daycare for the under-two set is sort of like Fight Club.

Imagine my surprise when this morning over breakfast she announced a friend’s name and then tacked on DADA!  At first I thought she was trying to magically conjure him (tada!) but in fact, she was talking about his father (who reports that, yes, they see each other every morning isn’t she so cute)  Then came another friend followed by DADA!  Sure enough, he has one too.

Thinking about it, I expect they discuss everyone’s picture sheets at school (our picture sheet includes a picture of the two of us together).  No doubt it’s a point and shout exercise wherein the children are encouraged to bellow, “Jacob’s daddy,” “Molly’s mama,” “Lucy’s sister!”  Which would explain why, when we picked her up yesterday and waved goodbye to the only other little girl waiting for pick up, that little girl said “Bye mamas!” Bye mamas, indeed.

RR has experimented with dada previously, looking at one of us, pointing and asking, “dada?”  It’s an easy enough correction but it never fails to surprise us into laughter.  How odd to be trying to sort out the world only to realize that Ralph, Casey, Jacob, Molly and Lucy all have a mama and a dada but RR and Beth have only mamas (two and one apiece, respectively).  Fortunately, this is no different than RR’s dog or Beth’s sister.  And surely, the other kids don’t know that two mamas are anything out of the ordinary.  That’s another point for passive activism!

It is dada’s day this weekend and the traditional time for the school to hand over markers and devote an afternoon to toddler art made for the male parental set.  I wonder whether we’ll get a substitute commemorative handprint or whether it’ll be scribbled hallucinations, RR’s usual artistic contribution.  I can’t wait to find out.

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  1. So, did you guys get a present? Jami came home with a coffee mug and coaster that the “teachers made for the parents”. I said – we just got our first Father’s Day gift!

    • We did! She came home with a bejeweled handprint in a disc of cement with her name and the year. For mother’s day we got fingerpaint. What’s up with that?! That said – we didn’t have any little handprints of hers so it was a fantastic surprise!

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