Yeah, okay.

RR has adopted  a way of speaking that makes her sound simultaneously agreeable and disinterested.  Since I imagine that this is her sixteen-year-old self talking, I’m glad I have the opportunity to prepare for it.

She is perfectly capable of asking for things in her most polite tones.  For example, “More milk, pees?” or even just “Pears, pees?”  On the other hand, she’s also capable of shrieking those things (sans please) so we’re equally tone-lingual.  Regardless of what or how she has asked for something, if you respond with a question, she says, “Yeah. Okay.”

Yeah. Okay.

It’s as though she wasn’t the one who suggested it to begin with.  And when you inquire as to whether or not she’s interested in said thing, she nonchalantly acknowledges that sure she’ll take it, I mean, if you’re offering.  She has the indifferent tone down solid and it makes no difference how awesome (or horrible) our suggestions are.

“RR do you want to go to the park?”
“Yeah.  Okay.”

“Do you want some more chicken?”
“Yeah. Okay”

“RR, please bring me your shoes made of molten lava.  Don’t you want to go to school?”
“Yeah, okay.”

“Here, I’ll sit next to you instead.”

“Is it okay if I take your beloved bunny and put him out of sight to get cleaned and surely rinse the smell of urine off of him?”

I’d say I just felt lucky she preferred this to NO, however she has recently received the gold medal in vocal refusal.  And it was an especially tight field indeed.  On the other hand, the snickering delight I feel every time she responds to me with yeah, okay when she’s the one who asked for it to begin with makes every NO worth it.  Sort of.



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  1. love hearing the cute things kids say!

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