Cavebaby, Part II

So Cavebaby I was about us and this is about RR.

I’ll admit this to you guys, because I think you’re super, but don’t tell everyone else: we occasionally fed our kid boxed, shelf-stable ravioli.  I’d say we cooked dinner/lunch for her 6 out of 7 times, but sometimes what we were having wasn’t going to work for her and, frankly, I am not always so awesome that I wanted to cook her something else.  Weekend lunches were particularly hard. The point is, convenience was winning over whole foods.  And sometimes, it just has to.

But all of a sudden, D and I weren’t eating anything convenient.  No fast food, no restaurants, nothing boxed or canned.  It wasn’t such a leap for us (though the brownie withdrawal nearly killed me) but it really highlighted how much we were relying on not having to cook anything for her.  We just figured, you know what, the kid won’t die from eating something pre-made, we accept this.

And then, something happened.  Cavebaby.  All of a sudden, RR was refusing the ravioli.  As first we thought it was a fluke.  It was, hands down, her favorite meal.  So we offered it to her again.  This time she bypassed NO FANK YOU and sent it directly to the floor.  We gave it a few days, tried a different flavor and then tried again.  The anger, you guys.

The table seemed to always be stacked with vegetables, fruit and meat that she liked.  Not to mention eggs.  There’s no really way to describe her love for eggs.  Most of the time, she was eating with us.  And then we gave her the ravioli on a night we were having kale and bam, cave rage.

Our tastebuds had changed (I’d never thought spinach sweet before or bananas almost candy-like).  So, apparently, had hers.  We tried the ravioli twice more and both times she ate one piece and either spat it out (lovely, RR) or refused it.  She ate green beans from our plates and eyed our omelets.  It got so that when I set our plates down at the table, she looked them over first, just to make sure we weren’t with-holding any cave food.

This change had been a trial effort at first but it evolved into a full-blown lifestyle change.  We didn’t intentionally change our kid, but it’s pretty cool that it happened anyway!

PS – You guys are the only ones we’ve told about this and that’s cause I can’t see you giving me the hairy eyeball.  I’m the first one to sigh when someone talks about an extreme eating effort, believe me, but this has completely changed our lives.  Completely.

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  1. If you’re still eating any carbs/sugar/fat at all, I have a great brownie recipe from the Culinary Institute of America. It’s the best ever, and you’ll wonder why you ever bought a box of them.


    A great way to eat brownies without eating preservatives that are in non-homemade brownies. I’m not eating as well as you guys, but my taste buds definitely taste when there are preservatives.

  3. My wife and I eat “clean”- which isn’t quite paleo, but we cut out all processed and refined foods and basically cook from scratch 85% of the time (the rest, like bread, is organic and whole wheat). It has been LIFE CHANGING. I think what you’re doing is amazing and I absolutely LOVE that you are including RR on the action. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    • “Life changing” isn’t something I would have dreamed I’d ever say about something like this but it totally is. You’re right!

  4. After a lifetime of anguish around food issues I went into treatment for an eating disorder 7 months ago. Part of my treatment is eating in a way that avoids any kind of trigger for a binge-eating episode: I eat no sugar, no flour, no crap. I’ve been abstinent from these foods for 7 months and 2 weeks and 3 days (not that I count, or anything). I also walk briskly (seriously…4.3 mph and up an incline of 5%) and I have lost 113 lbs during the past seven months (very healthily and under physician care) and I feel so well that I find myself breaking into a run for fun, because I have so. much. energy. And I no longer have to buy my clothes at Casual Male XL and I am no longer diabetic. I hope and pray I will never go back. Glad you have found a way to eat that works for you. What amazed me is that after 5 weeks I completely stopped even craving these foods that have messed. me. up. for my whole 40 years. I see them when other people eat them but they don’t even look like food to me anymore.

    • Congratulations – that is really an amazing accomplishment! May these seven months and…who’s counting…continue on for a lifetime.

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