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Do you ever wonder what you did with all that money when you were foot loose and fancy free?  Cause you were, right?  Or maybe you were angsty and at Hot Topic, which still, where did all the money go?

I can pin our sudden loss of wiggle room on two things: first, we changed jobs and second, we had a kid.  There’s nothing we can do about the first.  Quality of life and all that.  As for the second, what the hell did we DO with all that money?

Were we out sprinkling it in the streets?  Were we papering our walls with it?  Were we funding scholarships?  I have no idea.  I just know that once we had RR, we suddenly had no disposable income.  Impolite to talk about finances I know, but HOLY COW.

This might be less noticeable (but still WOW IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING?) if we hadn’t suddenly all needed a new wardrobe.  D and I are smaller people since our lives have evened out enough to make ourselves a priority.  Our clothes are falling off of us.  Literally.  When I was walking the dog.  Fell. Off.  RR is a also new size suddenly, but too differently shaped from her cousins/friends/neighbors to make any of her hand-me-down jeans fit.  The child has a teensy waist.  Anything that fits is too short and anything long enough falls off.  Fortunately, this won’t last but in the meantime, it’s getting chillier and her butt is getting too big for her only remaining pair of weather-appropriate gear.

So this morning, I opened the closet door and gazed into a closet of empty hangers.  It would echo if it were a bigger closet which makes it even more alarming that it’s half empty.  At this moment, I have just enough work gear to only have to repeat one shirt and two pants.  One pair of shoes.  One sweater.  One sweater?  I’m a librarian!  Then I went into my child’s closet and found that she had enough clothing to live in Arizona or gain 20 lbs but in the meantime, would have to wear leg warmers and too tight shirts.

Yes, we could (and have) bought new clothes.  But after wearing the same things for four (!!) years and having an endless supply of hand-me-downs for RR, we have allocated that money somewhere else.  Now we only have to decide where to peel it off from so that we can all leave the house clothed.  That’s easy, right?  RIGHT?!

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  1. We LOVE consignment stores for Noah’s stuff. I think we spent $100 total on nine pairs of jeans/sweats, at least 10 long sleeve shirts/sweaters and some warmer pajamas. And I think one of the nice things about consignment stores is it’s not all one brand – there’s more variety.

    Yeah, Noah’s tall and skinny – so we learned that all of his pants have to have elastic waists – his jeans were falling to his ankles when he would run at the mall last weekend!

    • That is so true! There’s a huge semi-annual consignment sale in town that has things just for the under 10 set. We went for the first time this year and were pretty impressed. More importantly (lately) we’re excited to sell our things at the next one!

  2. Amen to consignment stores! Also your average thrift stores, where there are usually bargains to be had (though it’s a time investment to visit often enough that you find the good stuff). Are either of you crafty? For your own clothes there is always the option of learning easy ways of taking stuff in….sounds intimidating, but with all the “refashioning” tutorials on the internet these days it’s a lot more achievable. (And could at least help if you love and want to preserve some of the falling-off items!)

    • Learning to hem/take stuff in is a really good idea. I have a sewing machine and some basic skills. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of that!

  3. Third to the consignment sales! And also, I’m not sure about in your area, but in mine there are all these handy-dandy online garage sale sites set up on facebook. I would be highly surprised if your area doesn’t have something similar- people post photos of stuff they’re looking to sell and then you comment and arrange to meet them if you want it. And it’s all garage sale prices! We’ve found soooooo many of Thing One’s clothes this way, it’s even cheaper than consignment sales.

    • I’ll have to look for that! Often there are “lots” of kid clothes on craigslist but we’ve gotten so cautious with pants that we’re hesitant! Maybe it’s time to reapply ourselves.

  4. Money? What’s that?

    Honestly. I was making SO MUCH MORE before, and okay, towards the end we were throwing it all at drugs and sperm, but before that… I have no freaking clue where it went. I was thinking about that last night. What the hell?!?

    We’re lucky to have a massive, MASSIVE handed down wardrobe from friends (in all shapes and sizes), so girl will never be without clothes. But I am just about to give up on jeans for her at all (my soul WEEPS) because they’re driving me nuts. We have the same problem – tall and skinny – and not only do they fall off her ass, but when I go to put her in her car seat, they slip down under her butt and then stick out in the front and I can’t get her buckled, and ugh. It’s SUCH a pain. I am *this* close to taking any pants out of her drawers that aren’t just plain old cotton with elastic waist. Ugh.

    • I’m so glad we’re not alone! I might try my hand at using an adjustable elastic inside the pants to get them to stay up. I’m just not sure I’m handy enough. They are already elastic in most cases, they just need even more help!

  5. Suspenders!! 🙂

  6. I’m definitely with you on the finding money tight these days (especially now that every spare dollar goes to co-pays and sperm).
    We’ve been so lucky to get garbage bags full of hand-me-downs from some family friends who have a kid a year older than ours. But the last batch they were going to give us was stolen when someone stole their car! (We really were sympathic about the loss of the car, not just “our” clothes..). Not sure where we’re going to get the next batch of long pants for our boy who grew 3 inches over the summer. I imagine we’ll be doing a mix of the ideas suggested above (craigslist, thrift stores, kid consignment shops).
    In terms of clothes for us, we do a mix of Goodwill and the local hospital’s HUGE annual nearly new sale. Plus a few new items from Ko.hl’s or other discount places.

    • I hear you on the hand-me-downs! It’s just a car – we need those clothes! 😉 We definitely look at sales and the like at retailers, too. Sometimes there’s good stuff there…when your two year old isn’t buried in a rack somewhere saying, “I’m hiiiiidng mama!”

  7. […] Last weekend, we went shopping for Pants That Fit, to replace our current Clown Pants.  As we do with everything in our house, if you want more of something, you have to trade out for something you already have.  Example: You want that coffee mug?  OK, pick one to give to The Vets next time they come.  This ensures that our 1950′s shiny varnished knotty pine cabinets don’t collapse from the weight of every coffee mug I want.  So in order to make room for those new pants, the old pants must go! […]

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