Discmans, Watches and Taping Music from the Radio

Did I ever tell you that my main means of communicating while I was driving back and forth to college was a CB radio?

Oh, yes it was. 10/4 good buddy.

There were no cell phones then, at least, no cell phones in my world.  Frankly, my parents would have been just fine letting me make the six hour trip through the desert with no means of communication at all except that I routinely broke down and had to hitchhike or wander in the dark to the nearest rest stop.  So they smacked the antenna onto the roof and the reciver onto the dash and sent me forth into the world of truckers.

I’ll tell you up front that I want this to be an awesome story about all the great CB talk I heard on my trips, but pretty much all I ever heard was whistling from lonely truckers and the occasional, “smokey ahead.”  I was 18, hot and had no judgement (thus: hitchhiking*).  It wasn’t me that was missing out.  As a result, I still ended up hitching (notably once on Halloween in a pick-up with no less than four rifles in the back window) and holding out hope that one day the CB radio would be my salvation.

Being resourceful, I frequently wore short, breezy skirts on my trips to ensure that I wouldn’t actually have to wait for a ride.  I know.  HOW AM I STILL ALIVE?!

RR will be able to text me instead of hitchhinking on her way to college.  Or better still, that she’ll be able to use an app to get a tow and use a scanable bank card to pay since, like me, she’ll be wearing a tiny skirt with no pockets and won’t have a cent on her.  If she even goes to college (which is another concept that didn’t exist in my household when I went to school).  There are other things she won’t get like rotary phones (we ditched ours before I was old enough to use one) or VCRs (I’m not sure we even own a working one).  Just like you and I, record players will be relegated to the antique and she’ll have no idea that when I first started to use a computer (which wasn’t at birth), the screen was only green text on a black screen.  We bought it at Radio Shack (she won’t know what that is either).

This isn’t new, of course, but it just occurred to me.  When I watch her pick a different video on an ipad, when I watch her dance with a classmate to the Can Can playing from a dad’s phone, when I realize the ibook I was reading could read to her, I realized that I’m going to sound just like my grandparents.  And not in a “when I was your age we walked to school two miles in the snow waist deep uphill both ways!” but in a “you kids these days” way, which I’m not totally excited about.  Oh well, I have a couple of years to get my crotchety on.  Dammit.  Where IS my cane?

*Remind me to tell you about the cargo van and with the circus clown.

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  1. Mine just brought home her first non-A grade, on a quiz. She tried telling me no one else in the class did well on it either and I still heard myself saying “I don’t care about anyone else, they aren’t you, this grade is unacceptable”.
    Somewhere my father is nodding and laughing.

    Although, really, her two block walk to school really is uphill both ways, so she will totally be able to play that one someday.

    • I’m glad I have several years to prepare the right words for an unexpectedly low grade. Right now I’m having trouble remembering not to mention the applesauce before it’s in my hand to present to her. That’s an excellent approach though and one I’ll be keeping in my back pocket!

  2. I always always always wanted a CB thing. I’m so jealous! What was your “handle”? lol Did you dirty talk to old truckers to keep yourself up? You coulda made some money. 😉

    I find it so horrifying when I hear myself say shit that my mom did. It’s depressing. But I don’t think she ever said, “Maya! Don’t pee on the shower head!!” *sigh* That’s just my life.

    P.S. Kinda fell in love with your wife the other night when I listened to her song!!! lol

    • DOn’t pee on the shower head is excellent advice. Maya, listen to your mother! BTW – my wife has a voice that’s easy to fall in love with. That’s how she trapped me in her binder of women!

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