Like Sands Through the Hourglass

That was a Days of Our Lives reference not a prelude to an introspective, abstract, depressing, bellybutton gaze.

Did you know that when my mom was pregnant with me she was on bedrest forever and she religiously watched Days of Our Lives?  And then, she tells me, she spent the days dressing me up in tiny outfits and watching the program with my grandmother and waiting for my dad to come home from the airforce.  Sometimes, she says, she’d dress me up in outfit after outfit “just like a little doll.”  Did you also know I hate trying on clothes?  No coincidence, I’m sure.

I’m just bringing a patch of light to the suckiness of our excellent neighbors moving away.  We called it back in April – those home improvements were not because they were staying but probably because they were trying to get the most money possible for the house.  Which, good.  Also good, we get to steal pictures of the gorgeous inside for when we have enough money for our own remodel.

Sad because they are good neighbors.  Sad because it means the people who move in could be weird or hateful or unpleasant.  Probably, they will not have a child one week younger than RR.  We’re hoping the built in playhouse and tree swing out front will entice a family with kids.  Maybe there will be a delightful 17-yr-old who loves to babysit and hates using a cell phone.  Maybe the new neighbors will be queer.  Maybe they will own a bakery and bring us all the pies at the end of the day.  What?  A girl can dream.

On to the next chapter.

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  1. Our little cul-de-sac is filled with neighbors that at first glance could seem to be “weird or hateful or unpleasant” – there are two muslim families, a christian home-schooling family, a hispanic family – a mom and three kids who we assume are renting from an older dude who stays there occasionally, and another tech geek man who’s in the middle of a divorce. And they are all as nice as can be to the three of us. Yes, that’s mostly because Noah is out and about in the neighborhood with the other kids and playing and “talking” with everyone. You just never know who’s going to nice and who isn’t.

    • You’re absolutely right! I’ve always been a worrier and despite years of trying (and some therapy) I have never really stopped subconsciously – or obviously – preparing for the worst. Everyone has a flaw somewhere 😉 I equate getting my feelings hurt with tremendous embarrassment and avoid it whenever possible. I like to be surrounded by good people and good things and I hope that continues with the neighbors! On the plus side, I would never assume someone is intolerant because of how they look or other outward appearances. Sadly, some of the most “friendly” looking people we know are bigots. Shitty, isn’t it?

  2. I hear you on the new neighbour anxiety. We live in a 3 unit townhouse thingy and I live in fear of the day that one of our quiet, reasonable, intelligent townhouse dwellers sells to people with loud pets who like to hotbox in their bathroom. Fingers crossed that your new neighbours ARE queer bakery owners. What a score!!

    • I totally get what you mean! Once we had an upstairs neighbor with a treadmill that only liked to run at midnight. Right above our bedroom.

  3. I know what you mean about planning for the worst – I have backup plans for my backup plans!

  4. At least twice now, we’ve had a treasured neighbor with a daughter the same age as ours move – and at least twice now, a family with a daughter the same age as ours has moved in, if not in the same house, at least in our ‘hood so that the balance is even.
    Fingers crossed you have the same karma.

  5. We live in a fourplex apartment building with a shared yard, and I adore the people in two of the other apartments. (I don’t have anything substantial against the people in the third, but they haven’t been there very long, and most of what I know about them is that they can’t seem to figure out what does and does not go in the recycling bin, which causes the recycling folks to not pick up our recyclables. This is a problem.) Neither of them has kids (or at least not young kids- one of them has a son in his upper teens), but both of them are very friendly with Critter, and he loves both of them. I live in fear of either of them moving.

    • The recycling though…that’s cause for an intervention…

      • Dude. We had one (via the landlady), and now their solution is apparently to throw EVERYTHING in the trash.

        1. NOT very environmentally friendly
        2. There is very limited space in the trash can, and the city only picks up trash every two weeks. We do what we can to minimize our garbage (as opposed to compostables and recycling), but we don’t really want to be hanging onto, say, bags of litterbox scoopings for longer than necessary because there’s no room in the can.


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