Halloween Costume!

This is RR’s third Halloween.  I’ve always thought that was funny, turning one at the end of the first year of life and so on.  Math isn’t my strong suit, but it seems like she shouldn’t be on her third Halloween consume when she is only two.  Perhaps this is because I’m a November birthday and therefore have always had the correct number of Halloween costumes.  As you can tell, I’m highly skeptical about the first 10 months of the year.

At any rate, RR was a hippie this year.  Like the last two years, we picked her costume for her (2010: adorable mermaid and 2011: shellshocked raggedy ann).

She may have picked her own costume if we had asked her, but we exercised parental prerogative (and the fact that she has no idea what “What do you want to be for Halloween?” means) and opted for hippie.  You may think this is because of her attitude or her awesomely hippie-ish hair.

But really, it’s because my child is not going to wear anything on her head.  Frankly, she’s not going to wear anything other than what she has on right now thank you very much but we have to change her clothes at least once a week to keep up with the sand and mulch she piles in the creases.  So we had the following conversation:

Me: What should RR be for Halloween?  A tiny witch?  She’d be so cute.
D: There’s a hat with that…  How about Olivia?
Me: I don’t think she’s going to go for those ears.  What can we pick that will be just like her regular clothes with no actual costume elements?
D: A hippie?
Me: YES!

Fortunately, D and I have the same idea of what a hippie is.  We’ve since realized that there are all sorts of hippies.  If she had suggested a penny lane furry coat, I’d have looked at her like she was off her rocker.  In fact – we saw another little girl this weekend with small, circular, rose-colored glasses, a long feathery trimmed coat, and bohemian chic boots and, while she immediately read hippie, she was the wrong sort.

Penny Lane Hippie:

I’ve since learned quite a lot about different types of hippie-wear.  She isn’t a Tie-dyed Hippie:

Or a Culture-Bending Hippie (though she’s close):

She’s really more of this hippie:

So we made her a tiny suede-esque, fringed vest with embroidery flowers and a peace patch on the back (lined with leftover raggedy ann fabric).  I belled out a pair of her jeans with a flowery fabric and put flower and butterfly patches on the front and back.  We put her in a long-sleeved long underwear style shirt and tied a leather cord around a wooden napkin ring for a necklace.  The fact that it is “real clothes” worked in our favor and, once we finally got her current shirt and pants off of her, she looked like she’d been dressing that way all of her life.

Friends, as a service to you, I took this handy “What Kind of Hippie Are You?” quiz on my daughter’s behalf.  On the drug questions I picked the middle box because though she really loves tylenol, echinacea/elderberry syrup, and the cherry bark cough remedy we keep on hand for colds, I’m not comfortable yet saying whether she’d prefer to smoke “only the best”.  Otherwise, it was surprisingly easy to neatly make sweeping generalizations about my daughter.  Here is her result:

The Intellectual Hippie:
You’re a thinker. You see things from a very different perspective than the rest of the world, and probably find release and self-expression in music, painting, sculpting, or any other form of art. People see you as a deep person, full of knowledge that they don’t understand. People are attracted to that, but there’s a good chance you don’t care.

Well, there you go.  That fits my kid to a tee.  And here she is in all of her Halloween glory:

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  1. It seems so silly to say this, but I have been thinking that this was the only year we were ever going to get to chose Frances’ Halloween costume. You have totally made me realize that we don’t have to ask a 21 month old what she wants to be. Yay!

  2. You’re cracking me up! And, I agree on the “wrong” number of Halloweens to go with their age…I was appalled that H already had three under his belt!

  3. Great costume!!
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award 🙂 You can find out more info here: http://www.bakeonebuyone.com/2012/11/liebstera-little-late.html

  4. RR is made of adorableness, especially in her Halloween costumes. Critter is generally moderately agreeable about letting us dress him as we want (most of the time, anyway…), but his costume this year was still mostly made up of regular clothes. It worked well.

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