Two Posts Totally Worth Your Time

You guys, I’ve had two things to talk to you about that I’ve been rattling around for weeks but THEN, two totally cool people did it FOR me.  How about that?  It’s like winning the lottery where the prize is that someone way more well-spoken than you talks about something you have been thinking about but would have completely mangled in the telling.  I’d have kept this to myself but I just couldn’t leave you like an abandoned ex while I took my winnings and headed for the Caribbean.  Sorry we never got married, babe!

Anyway, one of these posts hilariously talks about kids discovering masturbation and the subsequent sex talk that goes with it.  The author, Nicole Knepper, talks brilliantly about how she approached the matter with her son.  Now, RR is two so I’ll have plenty more to say on the topic, but suffice to say that she’s going through a self-discovery phase which is two parts awesome and one part terrifying.  Go!  Go read it if only for the excellent puns!

The other post thoughtfully looks at one family’s approach to trick or treating with a toddler.  I could never have explained my own, similar, stance as beautifully as Joy did.  I also couldn’t have captured the rewards so succinctly.  I’d tell you all about what we did on Halloween, but honestly, you might as well just read about what she did and try not to tear up.  I know.  You guys aren’t as prone to waterworks as I am.  Just pretend. Go read.  It’s worth it.




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  1. Two awesome posts. Thank you!

  2. Hilarious! But the masturbation post hit a little too close to home… being the proud new mommy of a bouncing baby boy, I don’t even want to THINK about how I’m going to approach this topic in the future. I did like her idea of lots of vodka though. Bring on the martinis.

    • I love having a girl – if only because I’m intimately familiar with lady mechanics. I’m pretty sure I should be able to copyright that. Lady Mechanics. Masturbation happens though (as it should) so we’re ALL going to need lots of liquor (heh).

  3. Those were fabulous!!! Especially the meat beating one. Probably because I’m so immature. 🙂 Anyway, made me so very glad that I have 2 girls. I’ll just buy them buzzers when they’re 16. 😉

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