I Believe in Santa

If pressed, I’d probably concede that, no, there may not be a Santa.  You’ll have to just walk away feeling sorry for my daughter.  Glad we’ve gotten THAT out of the way.

I don’t know how I made it through half of my life without getting the Santa stripped off of me.  At this point, I think it’s safe to say that telling me Santa isn’t real isn’t going to work.  Which brings us back to RR and Christmas.  Now look, we’ve barely managed to figure out whether or not we wanted to bless our food – two years haven’t been nearly enough time to discuss the handling of Santa.  And fortunately for all concerned, RR has no interest in Santa outside of the fact that it’s one more thing for her to happily identify.  That girl, she LOVES to be right.

Growing up, my sisters and I put out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer of which crumbs and half eaten carrots were left.  Which, come to think of it, was odd.  Did Santa pop out to the roof in a jif for a small deer snack and then return the half-eaten carrot? Or did the reindeer come down the chimney (which we all know isn’t possible)?  Regardless, there was always one gift under the tree for each of us from Santa.  Some years it was the big gift and some years it was the best gift but everyone steadfastly denied standing in for Santa.  There still is, to this day, something under the tree from Santa.  Over the years I’ve attributed it to one person or another, depending on the gift, but I prefer not to dig too deeply.  Santa is a scratchable thing.  You want to keep the finish shiny.

I’m happy to explain it to you and you’ll be happy to dismiss me without argument (not YOU, of course, you’re far too gracious) and that’s just fine with me.  I know that Santa only gets around to some people each year.  I also know that he enlists legions to assist.  I know that he doesn’t need a chimney or a sleigh but they make it infinitely more believable.  I know that his box will be wrapped in different paper.  Most of the time.  Sometimes it will be unwrapped, sometimes it will be in the home paper.  Santa is not infallible.  I’m not entirely sure about this whole elves thing though.  It seems a little commercial.

I don’t know what Santa will bring for RR this year, if anything.  Given the high level of belief in this house, I think it’s likely he’ll find time to come around and at least give me an instruction or two.  I have yet to meet him personally so I’m standing by with great anticipation.  Not by the chimney though.  That would be silly.

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  1. My not quite 11-year old asked me the other night if I still believed. The kids at school were talking….
    Can I make them all read this?

  2. I’ve never seen the advantage to unbelief, when it comes to Santa. You are wise to save RR from herself, I think.

    Keep the finish shiny. Yes indeed.

  3. In some weird way, I think Santa is a way to make concrete the concept of grace. What a wonderment to receive a gift w/ no strings attached, no need for reciprocity, no need to do or say anything. All that is necessary is to just receive gratefully and joyously.

    We don’t and won’t do the whole “naughty/nice” thing and we have started the tradition of St. Nicholas (leaving the shoes out for his feast day on the 6th and getting a small treat in them in the morning)–we’ll tie Santa Claus to that concept of generosity and care for others as we go and our little gets bigger. Eventually, I hope he’ll understand his own power to give–and how his own giving is connected to that wonderful tradition of care for the poor/needy that is embodied in our stories of St. Nicholas and, by extension, Santa Claus.

    Oh, and in our house Santa fills stockings for everyone–grown ups too–because everyone deserves the chance to have a concrete reminder of the grace of God (no strings attached).

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