Let it Snow

You guys, Let It Snow is my hands-down favorite Christmas carol.  No.  Song.  My favorite song.  I once burned a CD (yes, RR, once there were things called CDs that you made when you needed to listen to music in a place that didn’t digitally stream it.  Like, everywhere.) that was entirely comprised of every version of Let It Snow that I could find.  That included tracks recorded from the radio, downloaded from Napster (RR, we can discuss that when you’re 21), and scraped from the dozens of Christmas CDs, albums and tapes (RR, you have never seen one of these but there’s a box in the basement if you can find something to play them) my family owned.  The one failing of this song is that it’s too short.  That CD had 30 tracks with room for more.

My beloved CD is MIA this season.  And I have no idea what I was thinking that I didn’t bring the songs over to iTunes when I had the chance.  Napster was at least 5 machines ago and I suspect some of those tracks are lost to time.  It doesn’t matter much anyway.  I’m having to do Let It Snow in an alley like crack since RR has a very strict regime of allowable music that includes one stripped down rendition of Jingle Bells and is further populated by endless repetitions of Manamana and all the train songs on the CDs from her music classes.

I’ve been digging around for a comprehensive compilation of Let It Snows crafted by someone else but it appears I’ll have to do the dirty work.  Unfortunately, my aversion to the sax is a serious liability for this project.  It’s okay, I’m up to it.  If I’m lucky, my wife is currently working out her own version to play for me because she she is reading this and knows I need something awesome to brighten my week.  Or maybe she isn’t, because she has secretly been taken in by the Grinch and that weird claymation abominable snowman.

The other great thing about Let It Snow (I say other because the whole time you’ve been reading you’ve been thinking of the great things about this song and I just want to be sure this one gets into the mix) is that you can keep on singing it until March in a cold year.  I totally permit out of season songs.  Except Good King Wensalas.  Wife, I’m looking at you.  Okay.  Except all songs that aren’t Let It Snow.

Speaking of songs, this awesome video is a compilation of more than 50 of this year’s pop songs.  Regardless of what we actually end up listening to in the car, I’m a complete sucker for a good “Best Of” list at the end of the year.  This is almost as good as an epic Let It Snow remix.  Almost.

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  1. Just yesterday, my daughter’s piano teacher gave her “Let it Snow” and they played a duet during her lesson. I’m not sure you want a recording of that just yet though.

    If you know how, there are ways to track down just about any music out there to recreate your CD. Drop me an email and I’ll share the details.

  2. Ah, you will be remaking this and bringing it over xmas morning, right? Your wife did tell you y’all are stopping by xmas morning, right?

  3. Since I read this blog I have heard ‘Let it snow’ EVERYWHERE! I was up in Edinburgh this weekend and there was a busker with the most beautiful voice singing it, it made me think of you so I took a video of him with the intention of uploading it to the blog but alas all failed. oh well.

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