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Ugh, Passwords

You guys know that you’re awesome and fun and beautiful  right?  You’re also really clever and totally funny which is why I think you’re the bee’s knees.  But you know the very best thing about you?  You are good listeners and sounding boards; advice-givers and support-lenders; sane and, frankly, a bit sexy when you wear that one outfit.  It just makes me want to whisper in your ear even though I know we don’t like each other like that.

Some things are meant for closed doors.  Sober evenings where no one will say anything they don’t mean and won’t repeat it later.  Some things mean getting a little more raw than you normally would, nesting uncertainty in quiet conversation.  Some things just need a little space before stepping out into the sunshine.

Since you are my space, my sober evening, my shadow, I’m going to tell you.  But, since I need just a bit more quiet, I’m going to password protect a few posts.  I always have anxiety when I ask you all for your passwords, like “what if she won’t give it to me, I don’t comment!” or “I don’t know her in person, she’ll think a request is weird.” which is why, honestly, I usually just let passworded posts go unread.  I promise not to think that about you because I’d really like to talk to you.  I also like to know what I’m missing.  So that you know, these are current events posts and not pictures of RR, if that matters to you.

Just comment and I’ll email you.  Comments won’t appear publicly.


2 Responses

  1. I guess I would like to ask for the password, even though 1) we do not know each other in life, 2) I seldom comment, 3) is that weird??? I thought I would just quietly ignore the protected posts because…well…asking to be included when I feel like it’s an imposition (I have no blog! I am being so opaque and creepy!) is kind of giving me hives. But I enjoy your musings, including the heavy ones, so if you’re going to have more protected posts I guess I need to woman up.

    You can see my email address below, right? If not, it’s SenshiLethe06@yahoo.com.

  2. Oooh passwords! I love passwords! Yes please for the password. And Happy New Year!

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