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Yo, Yo, Yo

I’m still here, you guys, and we are totally not on a break.  I didn’t realize I had so much to whisper to you and I know that some of you decided that asking for the password was not something you were going to do because you never comment or don’t know me in person or don’t have time for that shit.  And to you I say, okay.  But I still love you and you can still come over on Friday night for movies and popcorn.

That said, I’m not done dumping my thoughts all unwashed and sticky on the floor.  It’s pretty much getting so you’ll have to wear shoes around here.  Okay.  That was gross.  Sorry about that.  Here, have this glimpse of cute:

Somewhere on the path of RR’s language development  Ls became lost to us.  Or, if you will, yost.  Suddenly, we are awash in a sea of Ys which is unbearably sweet and hard to correct.  She asks for the same book every night, a holiday book about a llama.  She yells with glee, “YAMA YAMA!”  While her favorite phrase right now is NO-ISAIDNO, her second favorite phrase is YEMME SEE IT.  And lastly, and bestly, she greets us everyday with a firm HE-YO MAMA.  Picture living with an itty bitty Seinfeld.  I yove it.

4 Responses

  1. We still use Edie’s name for punkina pie, even though she has long been able to say it properly. I love the things kids say and how they say them.

  2. LOL @ yama yama! Too stinkin’ cute.

    PS I read the comments on the last post again, and totally second the boots idea. Winter boots are cute and adorable and what a great excuse to grab some!

  3. With the llama example, maybe she has just decided to pronounce it in the original Spanish, where the double LL is a Y sound! 😉

    In any case, it’s very cute. 🙂

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