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One Too Many Tomatoes

My child threw up all over the bathroom tonight after hunching over in tears on the walk home from the restaurant.  This marks the 3rd time she’s ever thrown up and it was spectacular.  Tell you one thing though, I’ve got mad throw-up prediction skills.  I herded her to the bathroom a full minute before the fireworks started. 

I’m calling that a win.  Even if I do have vomit on my foot.  Yuck.


6 Responses

  1. I’m not entirely sure why (theories include severe anxiety and scarfing food down before bee-bopping all around), but I barfed a TON as a kid. My dad often “rescued” me by holding out his hands to catch and contain my vomit… In short, thank your lucky stars that it’s on your foot and not in your hands.

  2. Poor baby. And poor you, too.

    I somehow managed to sleep through the last round of pyrotechnics (earplugs + fan), leaving my spouse to clean it all up, and he finally brought me the baby at the very end, because Bug’s wailing and vomiting had woken Tatoe too. Fifteen minutes later everyone was back asleep. Of course, I did have to do all the laundry later.

  3. Oh man, we have had the stomach bug twice in the past month. I am very jealous of your 3 times in 2+ years total!

    Good job with the predicting.

  4. Definitely a win. Someone one told me that the difference between being a parent and not being a parent is running toward rather than away from a child when it shows signs of losing its figurative lunch. With open hands. Or, in your case, shoes.

  5. Mine sounds like a dying cat coughing up a fur ball when she’s about to well, you know….

  6. Yikes! Hope she’s feeling better soon.

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