She Talks!

I just had a telephone conversation with my child.  Holy cow, you guys.

She’s home sick and I called to check in with D who put RR on the phone.  You know what happens next, right?  It’s that huge delay after you say Hi baby! and then you feel like you should talk again but you can’t see her and you don’t want to rush her and so you wait in the silence, wondering if you should say something else and being certain that the minute you do, your wife will take the phone back and you’ll be talking to her instead.  No, I don’t overthink anything.  Ever.

So that happened but, instead of the silence, she talked back.  I heard about how she slept, what she was watching, how she was feeling and then I got a whole stream of chatter as D and I tried to talk over her on speaker phone.  We raised a human.  It’s the most amazing thing ever.

Eleven months, a preview:



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  1. Amazing, isn’t it?

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