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While we’re talking about love and dating, this week I’ve read multiple articles about the best foods to jumpstart your sex life (you know them all already) and the backstory behind the recent Sports Illustrated cover (hey, for many folks, half-naked women are where it’s at). Your own comments about how you met people you’ve dated or married made me feel both relieved (thank goodness we aren’t the only ones) and delighted (a queer knitting group? you’re telling people you fell off a roof?). I also had more than one chuckle thinking about the sound of a dial-up modem, AOL, and Craigslist. Dude, have you been there lately? It oozes sex. Speaking of Craigslist, remind me to ask you all how to write a good “queer friends, not swingers, wanted to play games and drink beer in a non-weird and yet organized way, pro-football fans a plus, must like meat” ad.  If anyone can do it, you can.

I rarely look at CNN anymore because, as D and I were discussing, once you see something you can never unknow it. Headlines are packed with so much information, even if I don’t click the link I may end up knowing something I have no interest knowing. If I want to read the latest shock piece about how people treat animals or children, I prefer to go looking for it, not have the details of it splashed all over my eyeballs. But there I was on Tuesday, chuckling at the fact that the art of offline dating is lost, I say, lost and that online dating is funny, ha ha!

If you skip the articles, I can sum it up for you like this: online dating makes you anti-social, inflates expectations and has doomed us all because it eliminates the human connection. On the other hand, you might meet your true love even though you have to wade through piles of the unfit so stick with it! Obviously, there are pros and cons and online means a whole lot more than, just like offline means a whole lot more than bars. The point is, if you meet in person at some point, well, you’ve met right? It’s a human connection. It’s not less than because it started out when you answered an ad instead of over the donation plate at church. I’d also like to note that checking out a library book about online dating is a little like looking for a single on cassette tape. Just sayin.

Even if you didn’t read the links, watch this video. It sets to music the stories of four couples and you’ll probably need a tissue.  There’s something there for everyone from, “she was built, you know” and “well, he had the convertible, so I picked him” to a charming gay couple partnered for 57 years and an 84 yr old who met her husband on J-Date a year ago. You guys, I want to marry all of them, they are so awesome.

And about that ad, start brainstorming because I am totally not kidding.


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  1. With a lack of creativity ’round these parts today, I’m not joining in the game, ‘cept to say that what you wrote was totally perfect for an ad – the kind of people you want to attract will totally get it. Except for the meat bit – that could be taken weird. Drop the meat bit.

  2. Have you checked out I look for mom groups on there sometimes. Found a women’s motorcycle group on there when we first moved to the DC area – that’s how I met my friend who later started the mom’s group that I was a part of until it sort of ran it’s course. Still have some friends from it though.

  3. One vote for finding love online. The Historian and I celebrate 14 years in April. For me it was amazingly empowering to be able to define what I *didnt* want in a guy, when I wrote the ad. 🙂

  4. I think you wrote the ad yourself already too.

    Also, I love that I got a shout out. Falling off the roof is a classic love story element, is it not?

  5. Funny post and great video! Thanks for sharing.


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