Carrie, from the delightful Somewhat Bookish (and believe me, she has terrific book posts that are perfect for folks who are looking for new reading material), and I are wondering what to do about whiners. Our children, of course, are practically saints and in fact, have been recently summoned by the Vatican to consider sharing the popehood, given the recent vacancy. They would never, ever whine. Especially not RR. Oh no, when she opens her mouth, rosebuds and sugarplums come tumbling out.

Wait, wait. I have to pick myself up off the floor where I have either died laughing or been struck by lightening.

Since at our house we swing from the chandeliers in our unmentionables and pluck unwashed grapes from the vine with our teeth while hooting and hollering into all hours of the night, we have very few hard and fast rules. Actually, outside of a blanket “be respectful” policy, I can only think of one rule: NO WHINING. We consistently tell RR to “use words” and “speak in your regular voice.” I have certainly told her that I can’t hear her when she whines. And yes, I admit it, I snap NO WHINING! more often than I’d like to admit. It’s a flaw, you guys. It’s hard to be perfect while swinging from chandeliers. We’ve mostly mangaged to convince her to put a lid on it, which leaves us to focus on other, more important concerns, like why she thinks “go potty” means “get over there and put your feet in the potty while cackling maniacally”.

Since I am no help, Carries wants to know:  “How do you limit whining? Just not respond? Say “no whining”? Help us.



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  1. “Mommy doesn’t hear you when you whine.”

    We have just always practiced zero tolerance. But we were also blessed with one who is not really a whiner, so it’s never been that much of an issue. I, on the other hand, am a huge whiner, so we even each other out.

  2. I used to say, “I don’t speak whining. Talk to me in a big girl voice.” They have (mostly) grown out of it, thank goodness.

  3. Um, our guy has speech articulation issues…so whining can get pretty out of hand. We have recently declared a policy of only making “yucky noise” in your room…it seems to be helping. But, I think our guy is a bit older than your kiddo (he’s almost 3).

  4. Hell if I know, but let me know if you find out. Whining is just starting at our house. So far, it sometimes works if I use the same tone of voice to copy him, because he thinks it’s funny and can’t really keep his own whining up (though he tries, which is hilarious). But as I said, it’s early days.

  5. As Bionic said, let me know if you figure it out cause I cannot stand the whining!

  6. Oh man, you called me “delightful”. You are totally my favorite person now! 🙂

    Thanks folks for the suggestions. Sounds like some variation of “I can’t hear/understand you when you whine” is the way to go. At the moment I’m actually really looking forward to the advent of WORDS (F has a few, but not all that she needs!), because I’m hoping it will help avoid the tantrums that happen when Mommy completely fails to read her mind.

  7. When I was a camp counselor and my campers whined at me I made them sing instead. It worked pretty well, but doesn’t apply to toddlers, sadly. We’re only on the verge of it now, but I’m leaning toward the “I’d be happy to help you/listen to you when you ask me/speak to me nicely” approach.

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