I’m a Drip (Literally)

I’m sure you all saw this already but if not, please use this handy guide to determine why your child (or you) is crying:

Reasons My Son Is Crying

I am not currently crying (win) but I am a hair trigger sort and so my list would look something like this:

  • That commercial had an older person who is happy despite being near the end of life.
  • I saw a fly in the bathroom and he might have flown into my hair.
  • This stupid door won’t close right.
  • My mother is coming to visit.
  • You said something so kind that I got butterflies.
  • Those flowers are beautiful and I haven’t seen them since LAST spring!
  • I am just so happy right now darnit.
  • Ad infinitum.

I’m pretty sure I would make a terrible pregnant lady. Onward!

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  1. As I find myself becoming a ‘woman of a certain age’ as I like to call it, my waterworks turn on at the drop of a hat these days. I didn’t cry this much when I was pregnant. I’ve found myself crying at Band Aid commercials. Listening to an Annette Funicello tribute on NPR yesterday morning, they closed with the closing theme of the old Mickey Mouse Club and I found myself sobbing. Even writing about it I need to go wipe my eyes…..
    Damn hormones.

  2. Yesterday, I found myself tearing up listening to some guy on NPR talk about sports playoffs. I don’t care about sports. (Sorry.) I’m not even sure what sport they were discussing (basketball, maybe?). And it wasn’t like it was some touching story about a team or player struggling against great personal hardship to blah blah blah. It was just talking about prospects for the playoff season. But I was getting watery around the eyes, all the same.

    Stupid hormones.

  3. Earlier this week I sourced the eighth season of Greys Anatomy to see me through a very long train journey this weekend. I tested out episode one and two the other night, and have since concluded that I can only watch a certain genre of TV in public; shoulder shaking snotty sobbing is not cool on a train. Pretty much everything makes me cry like that, though.

  4. Let’s hope you find out just what kind of a pregnant lady you’ll be really soon!

  5. That blog is my new favorite thing. I could pretty much insert L’s face with most of the captions. And no worries, you’re going to be an awesome pregnant lady. I can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

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