One Step Closer

Making up for just about everything that needed making up:

My parents are conservative. My father is travelling with his guns, for pete’s sake. All of them. We don’t often discuss politics as it only ends in uncomfortable silence when we square off. For all of that, my parents support D and I unconditionally. We just don’t talk about it.

Last night, while we were watching TV, my mom knitting a blanket, dad playing a game on his laptop, D and I sharing a crossword puzzle:

Me, quietly, to D: Did you see? Rhode Island voted for equality* today.
D, also quietly: I did!
My father, with emphasis: It will happen.
My mother: It will.

*Also, can I tell you guys how happy I am that we’ve somehow changed the message from “gay marriage” to “marriage equality”? I didn’t see that coming but I think it will be part of the reason why we finally get this done. It’s easy for folks to get behind equality.


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  1. I didn’t notice that shift until you just pointed it out, but you’re absolutely right. You kind of look like an a**hole if you can’t get behind equality.

  2. Have you read this whole long story about how well various people sold/campaigned for marriage equality? It’s kind of fantastic. (Phantom’s List, of course.)

  3. I have family in Maine, lived in MD long enough to vote for marriage, and now live in RI (told my wife we need to move to every state in the union because clearly we have the touch). So I’ve seen several of the recent campaigns on the ground. At the time the first Maine vote failed, I really thought it was because it was too flashy, too respectable, too big money, too focused on winning the hearts and minds of those who already believed.

    Something changed in the second Maine campaign and the Maryland campaign. MD’s campaign looked really low budget, and featured a lot of regular-looking, non-glamorous gay people and every ally they could possibly scrap up. ME had people like my dad-grumpy guy with busted teeth wearing a Vietnam Veterans hat-getting out of the liberal parts of the state and talking to anyone who would listen (his spiel is mostly about the 14th amendment).

    It really makes me happy, not only THAT it’s happening, but HOW it’s happening.

  4. Because no matter what, parents want their children to be happy and loved and accepted. And we will move mountains to make it happen.

  5. Your parents rock!

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