If Only Tequila Just Worked

Jumping on the baby bandwagon while gay means that a quick tumble under the sheets won’t do it. And while we practically soaked ourselves in tequila the day before RR was conceived, unfortunately booze doesn’t work as pregnancy insurance.

So. I’m not going to mention tequila again and more’s the pity. So, feel free to pick up reading at the next post unless you have a deep and abiding desire to hear about blood tests and health insurance. Hot damn.

Like all good fertility clinics, ours has a series of recommended tests to help identify challenges to pregnancy and our insurance company, like all insurance companies, has hurdles to leap in order to have them. I am incredibly grateful to have any insurance at all. They don’t cover much, okay ANY, fertility procedures but they will cover tests to make sure you’re in good working order as long as you haven’t undertaken any fertility treatments. So as much as I wish we could spring headlong into this without delay, we agree that it makes more sense financially to do every test we can before the first IUI. Which, if you’re me, sucks because dude, some of these tests are no fun. Also, I really hate bad news. But I like money more than I hate bad news.

On the first visit, I had an ultrasound and thank goodness I’d already been at all of my wife’s OB appointments because that wand sure would have been a surprise if I hadn’t. Note: this is not a magical wand. My ovaries are somewhat sassy, but appear to be working in a way that they aren’t actively trying to sabotage my eggs. The results of the first three blood tests are back too, showing normal everything. So now I know that my prolactin levels are peachy keen, my thyroid is on point, and the AMH levels that help predict age-related fertility are normal (links=science). I admit, I called the office test result voicemail more than once. Hey, who doesn’t like a little “you are totally normal!” validation?

Shortly (hopefully, assumably, it better show up dammit), we’ll pop in for another blood test that checks hormone levels and we’ll follow it up with an xray to see if my tubes are clear. There’s no reason why everything shouldn’t be normal. As Best Of puts it, there’s no indication of infertility since we haven’t actually failed to conceive. On the other hand, this test hurts according to everyone and I’m not particularly keen on having it done. But, if we were to wait until IUIs failed to work, we’d be out of pocket for the test. So, onward. It helps to think of it as making money. Sort of.

And then, that’s it. We should get to try in May with the very last bit of our original donor. I am so excited, you guys. So. Excited.

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  1. Ok, I will be the one to say the HSP did not hurt me. Unconfortable at times but no pain for me. And I conceived my son the month after the procedure. It clears all the dust out of your tubes and all the little bits have more room to meet up!

  2. It was Irish Car Bombs that were the impetus behind my daughter’s conception. Wait, is that too information?
    Excited for you!!! Good to hear all is normal.

  3. Actually, lots of people don’t think the HSG is all that bad. Maybe you will be one of them! (Full disclosure…maybe don’t read the post I wrote about mine, even though I’m pretty proud of the image i made of a giant, marauding maxi pad terrifying a group of soldiers. I have two cervices! Things were bound to be weird. I am glad not to have to do it again, but if I did have to, I would face it. With Valium.)

  4. Let’s hear it for the glands. Hip, hip, pituitary!

  5. I’m so excited for you all too! The hsg wasn’t too bad for me. It was uncomfortable but totally doable. And I’m a huge baby so I hope that helps. Good luck! I hope your ride on this train is short, just like last time!

  6. But you know, a quick tumble in the sheets never hurts anyone. I say go for it and maybe it’ll increase some sort of baby making whore-mone. 😉

  7. On the upside of an hsg, it apparently increases fertility for a few months because it cleans out the fallopian tubes. Best of luck moving forward!!!

  8. Pain free HSG. Check it:
    Are your folks still here? Have they looked at Marisa’s house yet?

  9. I haven’t had an HSG, but I did have a saline sonogram, which is not dissimilar, I think. It really wasn’t bad, although I did not enjoy the tenaculum. Our insurance (this time around, anyway) also does not cover fertility treatment either, but would cover things that the RE coded as, say, a diagnostic test related to spotting. (Which, I am prone to, so it wasn’t a lie, precisely.) It also covered the fertility drug I was on, oddly enough, because it was being used off-label.

    But, yay for getting everything checked out, and ready to go!

  10. Hooray on insurance coverage for the tests! I will say: if you can endure the DAT (Day After Tequila) the HSG should be a walk in the park. Mine was uncomfortable mainly due to the resident’s sheer incompetence than anything inherently terrible about the test itself. Crampiness, etc., but nothing incapacitating like a tequila hangover 🙂

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